• when i had my last period.:)
  • Uhm! When I got punched in the stomach?
  • uh, that would have been yesterday morning when I was throwing up my breakfast. And I NEVER throw up. Don't know what triggered it, don't know why it happened. It passed as soon as I got it all out, and I was fine.
  • When my boyfriend said it was best for us to be apart.
  • i promise this will be the last boat story... :) It was a few weeks ago when I attempted to go out on the river in an inflatable raft with a friend. Neither of us knew how to paddle, and we literally went in circles for an hour, making it no more than 30 ft from shore. A situation like this with this particular friend would have ordinarily been funny, but for some reason, I was flipping out! I became overwhelmed and taken over by an irrational fear of this river and its natural power. I was utterly terrified and paralyzed by the situation. We eventually made it back to shore, packed up the boat and went home. I was shaking driving home, and I felt so nauseous...I was convinced that I was going to be sick from the deep pain in my gut. I legitimately think I was experiencing potamophobia (fear of rivers) because it was so illogical and irrational to be scared. It took hours for my stomach to settle...what an awful feeling it was!
  • Well, I have been punched in the stomach and nothing feels quite like it. However, it came close when I heard that my wife had cancer. She is doing fine now.
  • When the darn dog jumped on me to wake me up. Happens a lot.
  • This morning, via email. My sister sent me an email telling me that she has been laid off from her job. She is 64..very good at what she does..has been there for years. We're devastated..will call her later. The bastards she worked so long and hard for...may they rot in he**! :(
  • Probably in elementary school.

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