• It is pathetic that I even know the answer to this... but it is because I had a friend who, back in the day, was a fan of Busted and I can tell you that Busted's came first.
  • yeh, it was definitley busted. sorry =[
  • Busted DID make Year 3000 first, HOWEVEVER they did not copy bustd they did covers of Busted becuse the jOnas Brothers are friends with the band Busted, and Busted even helped the Jonas Brothers re-write some of their (Busted the band) songs on their first album (It's About Time)
  • It WAS Busted first. Busted released it in 2002 as part of their album, Busted and as a single in 2003. It was a massive hit. But then Busted split in 2005(something that i've never gotten over) and all the members(James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis) wen their different ways. However, James came and helped Jonas Brothers with some of their songwriting and that's when Jonas Brothers made a cover of this song. James re-wrote the lyrics for them to be more family-friendly as the Busted version was more explicit. Jonas Brothers also covered Busted's first song, What I Go To School For. Not all of the band is friends with the Jonas Brothers, only James helped them with their lyrics(and James is an AMAZING lyricist, recognised worldwide for that). But I still must say that the Jonas Brothers DEFINITELY girlified the song and took the punk outta pop-punk. You should definitely listen to the Busted version if you appreciate REAL pop-punk.
  • well im a good fan of jb but i DO think that busted is the best pop-punk band eva! i used to be, im and i will always be loving them for their amazing lyrics and their own way to sing and move on the concerts ..their way to make us love em and their way to make us laugh and smile and cry sometimess but they mostly made us big fans cry when they split up on the 14th of jan 2005 it ws sooo sadly bad, the worst thing eva! they were so good togeva cause they used to be the busted all togeva not only on their own .. i saw a concert of matt n james wivvouff charlies voice ... he was just playin the drums ..they still rokk but it was not the same wivout charlie as it cuudnt wivout any of em ...u may have noticed that the busted's version of year 3000 is older as they name michael jackson and jb dont,and busted's one is the best. i just love em! :'( BustedIMissYou!

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