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  • envelope?
  • Well i was going to guess... It sounded fun to me... Untill you spoiled it by guessing the right answer Mr smart Alec! I was going to guess elephant. Then i realized it dosnt end in e.
  • These are all 155 English words that fit that pattern - energize enervate enfeeble enfilade engirdle engramme enkindle enlistee enrollee ensample ensconce ensemble enshrine ensilage ensphere enswathe entangle enthrone entrance envelope enviable envisage eolipile eolopile ephorate epiclike epicycle epilogue epiphyte episcope epistome epistyle epizoite equalise equalize equipage equivoke eradiate erasable erectile erective erewhile ergative erodible erosible eructate eruptive escalade escalate escapade escarole espiegle essonite esterase estimate estivate estrange eternise eternize etherize ethicize ethylate ethylene etiolate etouffee eulogiae eulogise eulogize euxenite evacuate evadable evadible evaluate evanesce eventide evermore everyone evidence evincive evitable evocable examinee excavate exchange execrate exercise exertive exigence exigible exocrine exorable exorcise exorcize exosmose exospore expedite expellee expiable exposure extrorse extubate exuviate eyepiece eyeshade eyestone So before you call any one particular word "correct," please recognize that there are multiple answers to this question, as you phrased it.
  • envelope

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