• I just turned 21 and I am married with one kid, one step-kid, and one on the way. So yeah, I feel odd, because I feel old.
  • My ability to be a free thinker and not conform to the bs/politics and to voice my opinion which I have right to which a lot of people have forgot.(not going with the crowd all the time)
  • We are all basically the same however, I don't arm the enemy with weapons.
    • we are dough 68
      What DO you arm them with ?
  • being short can make me feel odd
    • we are dough 68
      I love your shortness.
  • I realized in 3rd grade that we were different from other families. My Mother was mentally damaged when she was hit by a car at age 12 and it damaged her frontal lobe. She had seven daughters and had a tendency to attract pedophiles. I guess the basic thing that sets me apart is that I don't think like other people. Which has caused a list of things I do differently. But like boola said we're all basically the same and want the same things in life.
    • Linda Joy
      You've heard of feeling like a square peg in a round hole? Well I'm more like Play-Doh. I can Squish into any hole. Meaning I can fit into most groups There's just a lot of stuff left over that's not typical of the group. LOL
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I have the same problem. I can squish into any hole.
  • I don't concern myself with what people think about me. I remember what my mother told me..... "Remember, son. You're unique. Just like everyone else."
  • My two penises and three testicles.

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