• I don't know anyone personally with my first name.
  • Yes, we have the same exact name, LOL. I am little T.
  • I used to have a few friends named Sara. its pretty common. We were just addressed as Sara (both without an H)I'm sure when we were around it was either Sara Griffin or Sara Mott.
  • I went to high school with another girl named Jackie, and she was the super skinny, super blonde, homecoming queen. We got along but whenever people would say Jackie, talking about me the other person would say "Which Jackie, the hot one?" and they would reply "No, the other one." haha. I always laughed about it.
  • I always get stuck with the formal version of my name: David. The others that I know are called Dave and Davie.
  • In Elementary school there were 3 Sara(h)s in my class. Sarah M. (me), Sarah P., and Sara W. They just used our last initial to adress us. Except in my case a few of my teachers (Esp. my gym teacher) called me Murph. Nowadays whenever I am in this situation (which is often) I am referred to as Smurphy.
  • No but my partner has a friend, and his parents have the same first names as my partner and I. Meeting them was quite funny. "Tod and Lisa, meet Tod and Lisa"
  • Yes - the exact name - if we're spoken to they always say the Other "S" :D its funny
  • yeah there were five people in my school year with the same name we used to use our surnames instead.
  • I've only met two people in my life that shared my name and they spelled it differently and went by different nicknames.
  • There is nobody with my first name. My parents made it up my Goddaughter is named after me but her Father misspelled it :)

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