• Tinker, I'm sorry you are having a difficult time. Nobody knows why some women can carry and why some can't. I know a girl who has no problem carrying boys, but has lost 3 baby girls. Maybe you are meant to help another child already on this earth who needs a home.
  • I don't know if you have had more than one or just one. I know my first pregnancy I miscarried and 6 months later I was pregnant again and had no complications and I have two healthy, beautiful children. I think it is our bodies way of rejecting an unhealthy fetus.
  • thanx robin at was very helpful. i have been hinkin of adoption so a hope everyhink goes ok 4 me
  • I don't know how far long you were, but 2/3 of pregnancies miscarry before 6 weeks. For most women this is before they've even noticed. If it hadn't been very long, statistics were just against you-- but it has nothing to do with you so you may as well try again. It could be a random accident of development. Not your fault. If you're having repeated miscarriages past the 6 weeks point(or possibly before), well, I hate to sound callous, but there's something wrong even if it's not you or not your fault. I have a friend who can't carry to term because her uterus is heart-shaped. Maybe Mr. Tinker has some gene somewhere that doesn't agree with one of your genes and they can't get along. Maybe it's that thing with blood types. Apologies for your loss, and for the future I wish you all the luck you deserve.
  • Good or bad has nothing to do with biology sweetheart. Unfortunately, neither does habit and vice. You are personalizing something that shouldn't be in your attempts to make sense of something that sometimes simply makes no sense. There are mothers on crack that have babies. They are unhealthy and sick, but we are all a product of our choices. I'll share with you. I lost my first child 6 months into the pregnancy. I lost it in a Catholic hospital, and the nurses felt that I should see it in order to let go of it. That screwed me up so bad fo so long, I can't tell you. Sometimes, when there is something wrong that we are unaware of the body takes care of it, by itself by instinct and eliminates, what should not (for whatever reason) come to fruition. I know that is hard to understand and hard to accept, but your body has its own wisdom and you should always trust it. My mom never smoked and never drank, and recently died, riddled and crippled with massive ammounts of cancer all over her body. Nature sometimes doesn't make sense. and we as a product of it, should trust is and be at peace with what it sometimes does for reasons unknown to us at the time. That is faith and that is trust and it is hard when it goes so vehemently against our plans and desires. You will have more. I have two beautiful boys after 5 miscarriages. I had horrible pregnencies, I became sick and almost lost both of them. But I have them and I am grateful. The one thing to remember here, is that you are NOT in any way responsable or a failure as a result. Do not do that to yourself... Trust your body and your heart and all will be fine!
  • Good or bad has nothing to do with miscarriages. It's to do with your diet and lifestyle. Eat proper and look after yourself better and you'll be able to conceive. Look at it this way: every seed planted does not mean it will grow - it may be you just cannot have children. Seek medical advice on the matter.

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