• You can become the Perfect Daughter by Temporarily Disconnecting from your Parents. That would be very therapeutic, in my opinion, since it seems that you're under such pressure. Think of "What's Good for ME?" Develop yourself, become Independent of What Others Think of You. Your Therapist would probably agree. Ask.
  • You can't be perfect - that's the first thing you need to figure out. I agree with temporarily disconnecting from your parents. They don't understand, and they're making things worse. Work on yourself, what you want, who you are, making yourself happy. It will take time, but you need to do it. Live your life, not the one they want for you. Talk to your therapist about it, please. Life can be better, I promise.
  • when I was in high school I never left my room let alone my house. I had such bad depression too. I was home schooled because I refused to get out of bed most days. Your vision gets clouded with all that fucking medication they give you but sometimes its for the best I got off of medication and was hesitant to go back on but i knocked that chip off my shoulder and started taking it again. I feel for you. And i'm sad. I hope you're ok. i send my love and warmth to England from Sunny Calif.
  • It may never be possible to be the perfect daughter, but some day you may be able to be your mother's friend. Depression isn't easy on anyone and its effects are very contagious. Your mum's friend really has no business talking to you about your relationship with your mother. Your mum probably talked to her when she was feeling down or something and let it all out, but her friend should have kept it to herself. Your mum might want to know that her friend can't keep her business private! I recommend that you keep trying to communicate with your parents. They need to acknowledge that depression is clinical and is not something you can control. Even medication can't fully take its effects away. It's ok to apologize for your behavior even though it's hard for you to control it. Tell them you love them if you can. I personally had to sever ties with my parents - there were several reasons but for one I was able to work through my issues and they never saw past their own perspective. They were never able to acknowledge that I had changed and become functional in society. I still want to die too, but for the most part I'm able to keep those feelings under control. I really hope for your sake that you can hold on to your relationship with your parents. Even if it's never ideal between you I still hope you can communicate with them.
  • noone can be perfect, you might have a chemical imbalance making you depressed that you might need meds for
  • I think the best thing you can do for your parents (and yourself) is to get professional help.
  • Quite upsetting, you need a good doctor and there is no guarantee!
  • you probably already are or they wouldnt keep you

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