• From the people I've known that have been addicted to each, I would say meth is harder to pull away from, especially if it's being shot up. Crack is very addictive too, and can really screw with your head in the long run, but meth is quite famous for turning people into 75% retarded fiends.
  • both are very bad if you get hooked i would not recommend for anyone to try these drugs for fun
  • I saw a documentary on Meth and it said that only 5% of people who are addicted ever get clean. That's a rough stat.
  • Meth. It's more addictive and users attain their high faster and need more sooner. Crack kills too though. Don't try either!
  • Let me answer your question with a question 1st. Why get mixed up with either one? Whyet someone get rich why your mind gets fried? Jayme I read diffferent things you sounds like you really wantto turn things around. But yes meth is alot worse than crack. Some of it has to do with the idiots that make it!
  • Meth will give you brain damage faster.
  • they are both horrible, but i think meth shows its devastation alot faster than crack
  • Hard to say. I wouldn't touch EITHER of them with a ten foot pole!
  • I don't really know anything about either...but I DID read once that crack can get you hooked after only a couple of hits...and, once hooked, you'd killed your mother to get the next hit. I'll stick with my blah-blah legal smokes and Stoli, thank you...but, then, again, I'm an old fart!
  • both will kill equally.
  • I think they're both equally bad. Nasty, nasty drugs the both of 'em. My opinion is based on observation and actually having tried both. Unlike some of the responders here though, I think I have to give the evil edge to crack.
  • Meth, and you sure age rapidly.
  • Pick your poison! I've seen people on both, they look alike, no difference.
  • Meth is a much longer better high.
  • Both are bad, but I've never lost a family member to meth...
  • Both equally bad. Why would someone wanna be up for 5 days? Yech.
  • Meth is by far the worse addiction. The thing about crackheads is that the high is so short lived that they are ALWAYS looking for the next hit, and are rarely ever satisfied. That is the most disgusting part of the habit. They will use all of their time and efforts trying to get another hit. This means they sell stuff, steal stuff and do whatever they can to get their hands on things. Their physical appearance and health won't be visible until the addiction has been continued for at least 5 to 6 months. Now, tweakers (people who use meth) are always high. That's the problem with methamphedomine addiction. Once they smoke or snort the stuff, they are now high for several hours. When someone is high on meth, they tend to think totally irrationally, act completely irrisponsibly and not eat or drink anything for very long periods of time. Though when sober, they too will do whatever possible to get their next fix, their drug usually is cheaper and lasts longer. A tweakers physical condition will begin deteriorating almost immediately. They will start to lose weight drastically. They will have trouble putting sentences together. They will grind their teeth a lot. They will start to pick at their skin and face creating open sores. Their eyes will twitch. This will all happen in a matter of a couple of weeks. Extended usage will definitely prolong all of these reactions/symptoms. So, though you can see that both lead to self-destruction, the bottom line is a severe addiction to tweak, speed, meth, crank, whatever you want to call it, will physically harm a person much quicker than a crack addiction.
  • both are horrible but I think meth is worse.
  • Crack is worse. Hooks faster and harder to quit.
  • that's a tough one. I think speed feels better in general. crack is definitely more addictive but, the high is just weird.
  • Meth eats holes in your brain. Which would obviously cause some problems. Your highs get shorter and shorter as you take it, so you need to take more and more. I new a guy that let the drug control him until one day he passed out in a shower. His family found him and he quit the drug. But, by talking to the guy you could tell he wasn't the same after meth. You might as well just hit yourself in the face with a metal bat. Meth leaves you a shell of what you used to be. So, just from this I would say meth is worst. But, I don't know much about crack.
  • Given crystal meth is unrivaled in bodily damage done, meth, for while crack is whack, we should cut it a bit of slack.
  • I have done both drugs and crack is DEFINITELY a worse addiction. You feel high for about 5 minutes with the first hit and basically spend the rest of your "crack-head" days trying to feel like that again. I did everything but try to sell my child to get money for crack, including stealing money from my job and selling prized possessions. I smoked crack on a daily basis for several months and it was actually snorting meth that got me off crack and I have never smoked it again and that was 8 years ago. I will have to admit that I am still a meth user today, however it is not an every day habit and it's not a "requirement." The high lasts a very long time and doesn't empty my bank account. It gives me the energy to get things done and sex on meth is INCREDIBLE and can last for HOURS! The only side-effect of coming off of a "run" is being VERY TIRED and you basically have to sleep it out of your system and then you are back to your normal self. CRACK IS PURE EVIL!! IT ALMOST DESTROYED MY LIFE!!
  • crack is a stronger rush and lasts for 5 minutes meth lasts for 12 hours so crack addicts time is constantly comsummed with getting more crack. meth heads can lead there life for a while till they need more etc. meth addicts cant really do stuff while there high but from a cravings perspective crack is worse but meth is FAR MORE NEUROTOXIC and will turn you into and idiot it rots your brain more than crack as it is not broken down in the same way. so crack may be WAY harder to get off at the start but if you do you will have a way better chance at being normal. meth once you become a long term user you are bassically gone from society as your brain is rotted so the incentive to come off is gone crack does this too but not at the same rate but its cravings are so bad sooo bad you are more likley to stay on it so decide for yourself what sounds worse. crack meth + herowin avoid they are as bad as each other in terms of destructiveness. some people go from crack to meth only to have one addiction replaced by the other or meth to crack or to herowin to numb the cravings many also while coming down off herowin smoke copious amounts of crack or meth to stop the physical and metal iritabily the danger of this is afterwards you are not facing one addiction but possibly 3 that are so destructive that it is almost certain that you will never get off them. if you are on one of these drugs it is better not to try the others to get off the one, as they are all as bad. as soon as you start you should start trying to stop. as the more you do them the more of you brain and soul you lose and when its finally time to quit there nothing there left to go back...................
  • both are terrible.
  • meth is worse. esspecially if you smoke it.
  • I think crack.

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