• These days many would say mid 20's - 30's. And even older! People tend to worok on their careers rather than start a family these days. Not like the old days! My mother had me when she was 21. These days that is frowned upon as 'too young'. My answer, whenever you are financially ready, stable and have a good employer who will support you starting a family. You will know when it is right.
  • The day you and your mate are up to the responsibility. There is no perfect age or correct age, more of matter of maturity and commitment. Nothing wrong starting at a young age if you feel that in all areas you can handle everything that's necessary to raise a family.
  • for me personally i would like it to be around 24-26 (i'm currently 21)....but yeah...for every other person it's their own choice to decide if and when they are ready to have a family
  • Sometime after I'm done with college and I'm finacially stable. :)
  • Maybe when I'm 30... I want to get through my schooling and get a career, I'll not be ready to even consider settling down until 30 at the earliest.
  • There is never a perfect age to start a family,no matter how old you are believe me you're never ready.Haveing a family is hard work just like a full time job.I think it's real hard work and very rewarding and enjoyable it's agreat feeling.
  • Mid to late 20's. You're young enough to enjoy it, and old enough to have some wisdom in you and be on the right track... hopefully.
  • Depends on your maturity and how domesticated you are. I was 29 with my first and I recall the younger moms at the hospital not wanting to breast feed because they wanted to go out later on. And I thought, you just had a baby and you're already planning to get away. I had friends that had theirs at 19 - 24, and they always wanted to hear about my clubbing, my freedom, and I wasn't even doing anything interesting, I thought. My only thought would be to be prepared to raise any children alone later.
  • I started my family when I married my husband at age 18 and it's still just the two of us, 35 years later.
  • Not really an age, but when your able too monetarly and maturily.
  • I was 20 when I had my son... and for me that was perfect!!! I am a very good mom, and was from the time of conception!! I read every piece of material that I could get my hands on and made it clear that I was going to have a natural child birth because that is the way it was meant to happen!!! I had everything go the way I planed and I have a beautiful 3 year old boy now and I would never take that back for the world!!! The only thing I would change is that I would have chosen a better guy to have a child with... cause now I am a single mom doing it all my self and that is HARD!!!!
  • for me maybe early twenties.. but things can change so we will have to wait and see
  • Apparently, it was when I was 32 years old. Why? It was an unplanned family.
  • I personally don't believe there is "one" perfect age. Each of us mature differently, at different ages. The wise thing is to be mature enough. To realize your full responsibility's, that come along with family. And realize that when that moment in life begins. You will keep learning more & more each and every day........Just my point of view tho. Hope it's helpful to you & other's who are thinking about starting a family. .............M.C.S.
  • i dont really think there is a perfect age.
  • I would say it is more of a matter of the perfect maturity, for if you feel the time is right to settle down with a spouse, by all means, get with the baby making!
  • Depends completely on the parents. I don't think most people should reproduce, really. We have an overpopulation problem and most people are complete dumbasses with no lead in life other than consumption and reproduction. But for those, say 3% intelligent individuals, I would say whenever you are mentally and financially ready. Age has nothing to do with it.
  • i got married at 25 had my 1st baby at 26 and my son at 29 i think thats pretty good we were both mature enough to handle
  • I was 30 when my husband and I started our family. The reason is we bith were ready then. when we were younger we still didn't want any and then he got a better job and we decided we were ready.
  • I got marrided young, Had my first child at 20. had the other two in my twenties. I would do it again too. I was young enough to stay at home, then when they went to school, I got a job in the school too. My kids are grown, I have a beautiful graddaughter and I'm still young enough to enjoy her, and more if we're blessed! I have a disability that prevents me from smll things, but i might have gotton that anyway. No one knows the future. So, I'm glad I did it my way:))))

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