• UM uh awkward question but i guess if youre fat or a cross dresser its ok. Or maybe a transvestite. Hey Im not here to judge you. Good luck with those.
  • Could you please grow up and stop asking women personal questions about breasts? Get a g/f and find out for yourself
  • To answer your question, as a matter of factly, yes, I just learned in school that nearly 68% of men do grow somewhat of breasts. No, not all men get up to a C cup, but everyone will always vary.
  • Unless you have gynomastica (yes, you will have to look it up) or are morbidly obese and then some, you wouldn't come close to that size. Your posts show you are wanting atttention. But the attention you are getting is not very positive. Can you think of something to do to get POSITIVE attention from us or others?
  • Is it ok? Well, that can be left to opinion. Is it healthy, however? Most likely, no. One can only conclude that, a man who has (natural) C cups is morbidly obese, which can lead to a plethora of health complications.
  • There are lots of different medical conditions that can cause breast tissue growth in men, and most of them are related to hormones. If you have abnormal breast tissue growth, my best advice to you is to seek medical attention and ask a doctor. There are plenty of medical options to reduce breast tissue in men. Visit google and do some research and then go see a doctor.
  • It depends if you look like me it's okay ( I have often been told I look like the Rock or Vin Deisel ). Because of our statute I'm sure this is fine as it helps to get the attention we need to compensate for other areas.
  • A very odd question, and based on your other questions, I am not inclined to treat it seriously, sorry. If you really DO have breasts that size you need to be seeing a dcotr, not asking people online if it's "OK" for a man to have bigger breasts than many woman have!
  • May I ask, how did you find out you were a C Cup? I mean, did you go and get measured or something?
  • Of course it's ok. No different than having a big nose. Both sexes have them. Men already have the same breasts as women and only difference is the size. Lactation can be medically induced etc. The difference is hormones, whether side efects from medications, naturally occurring or whatever. Less testosterone means more estrogen/progesterone etc and voila ... breasts. Not a big deal. That's why many young teen boys grow breasts for a while. Their hormones are all over the place.
  • If he is comfortable with it and there are no health problems, then yes a bra may well be the answer. Get a proper fitting bra by an expert.
  • To address some of the confusion, - breasts are a result of hormones. Many medications cause an imbalance. I have a hormonal imbalance due to medication I have to take for the rest of my life due injury from a car accident, so yes, I have seen a doctor. - there are dozens of websites explaining how to find your bra / cup size. No mystery there. - I am well aware of gynecomastia(you spelled it wrong) but this is actually caused by medicine. The answer is not there. - I asked the question because I am concerned about the social reaction of people. That would include most of you who were kind enough to answer. I'm afraid it doesn't include you. 'Anonynous' You're just a rude smart as . Thank you
  • I'm a vigorously heterosexual male in my 70s, who wears a 40-C bra. I get looks from both men and women as if to say "What sort of a hermaphrodite are you?!?" Tough on them! These things have grown over the past 5 years or so and are still growing. That's how I'm built, it's how the good Lord made me, I'm not ashamed of how I look in that regard, and I'm damn sure not about to let someone start hacking on a body that doesn't have any serious medical problems (apart from diabetes, three stents in my heart, and high blood pressure). I take meds for the problems I have, and I hope to live enough more years to see at least the first of my great-grandchildren. So for those of you who think you need to "fit in" to someone's else idea of "normal," forget it and live your own life. For those of you who think I need to "get fit and lose weight," I'm quite comfortable at my 5 feet-10 and 180 pounds. I am quite content with me, and I'll thank you for your suggestions and then go my own way. Tommie
  • 12-21-2016 Permission granted.
  • It doesn't appeal to me.
    • we are dough
      What does....
  • Have them where....?
  • 1-18-2017 In 1953 they made a movie about Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Groucho Marx refused to watch it. He said he was not going to watch any movie where the male lead had bigger tits than the female lead.

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