• Well you could tell him stright up i dont like this and be done with it.
  • Your too young to be concerned about a career. If you want to do art, just do it as a hobby, or a stress reliever. The last thing you want to do is relate stress with something you love doing. So if its pressure that you are receiving from maybe your parents or teachers about your art talk to them about how you are feeling. But if you really like it down the road, theres no harm in keeping the prospect open as a career.
  • Listen youngun' your 13 and an inspiring artist. but 13 first, continue to paint and draw but be a child. Do not worry about a career just yet. Enjoy what and who you are.
  • I was really into art growing up. Now I like to breed dogs as a hooby. But one thing I do also is called faux painting. Look into it...It's a great way of expressing yourself without having to sell your art. Lots of people are looking for good Artists to faux paint there house and its something you can get into at a young age. I love it!!!
  • Follow your heart. You will only be truely happy if you do something you like. Yes you may be a talented artist but there may be other talents you haven't discovered yet. Explore many options and maybe you can blend your talents to do something that you really enjoy. Appreciate the support you are given but be honest with the poeple in your life. If they truely support you they will let you find yourself and be there for you no matter what you choose.
  • You mentioned, ... 'getting a lot of stress about my career.' I first have to ask just who is causing this stress? Your answer for 'us' might prove to be more specifically helpful in understanding how to answer your question in a better way. No one at 13, especially one who is really good at something, wants to hear about how you are 'just' 13! Although a senior person now, I remember only too well that I absolutely KNEW I was an artist of some kind. This has been evidenced now, looking back, at over 50 years in art. Okay. There is a whole life ahead of you and you truly will discover many ways to express your experience, whether young or old, whether choosing to remain in the arts. Others here have kindly suggested you 'to remain' a child. This is wise advice overall. You have a many, many years to be 'adult.' However, I am going to assume that you are smart enough to know that you should continuing your schooling, have lots of friends and want to discover stuff, but also practice lots of interests, even those outside of art. All of these, including your family, can only assist and develop you first as a human being. More these will all be vital aids in your ability to express your art, if that is what you end up doing. What do you 'just love' to draw? Similarly, what do you paint? Most artists have reoccurring themes that they return to time and time again. Personally, I love to paint seascapes and mountain-scapes, although my artworks are known as 'recognizable abstracts.' Perhaps there is 'something' about the topic or themes you paint that could give you another clue to 'where to put it,' or where to develop that 'preference' in other industries you find attractive and interesting to you? Another thought: does your school have its own newspaper for the student? Perhaps you could be its illustrator and/or cartoonist?
  • It is unstable. Many people would like to do art, but they cannot make a living of this. If you have a great interest for it, you could follow this way, but also do another job for security. So if you don't have financial success with art, you would not be starving. And you can keep art for your free time. Applied arts would be an option, for instance designer.
  • i started out in an art town in comm. art then moved to hair which is its on type of art. there may jobs in the art field your have many years to look into it and see if you like it.
  • There are many ways to make a stable living with art, but you will only discover them and have the information you need to choose a direction much later in life. Just relax. Tell everyone to back off and finish learning how to be a kid before you start learning how to be an adult.
  • Follow whatever career path you want, but keep going with your art as a hobby, and possibly sell the art on the side to make some extra cash.
  • Maybe you should consider web designer, architecture, graphic designer... You have a lot of time to think about it. What do your parents or other family members think?
  • There are a whole lot of careers involving art - you could work on animated cartoons, you could become a book illustrator, you could even have a future in advertising and design. There are sooo many outlets for good artists.
  • Whoa, 13? Are you in early high school or something? Let me give you some advice - its OK to not have any real career goals when you're below 16. When you hit 16, THEN start thinking about an idea, but start out as such: do I want to go to university/college, a trade school, or do I want to do something else? Do I want to just go into the work force? In regards to the last question, don't. More and more jobs are requiring more than a high school education and the sad reality is that many easy jobs can be given to cheap, foreign labour (or in the case of domestic labour, by illegal immigrants, though both answers are immoral). You'll definitely want to have some kind of a degree or diploma. As for what you can do in art, take the advice of people below because I can't draw worth beans. But if you're really talented and dedicated, you'll make it. As for this stress, my advice is to take life in small enough steps. Don't ignore the future, but don't be so consumed by it. You're just a teenager, enjoy that carefree time and lack of responsibilities. It'll be worth your while when you get a job, either to pay for tuition or a house. I didn't make a decision in general until I was about 15 or 16. At that point I had a limited viewpoint and didn't understand much about my program or even science in general. Once I got into university, I still didn't make an exact decision about what I really, REALLY wanted to do in life until my 4th year. So don't take things that seriously. If someone's putting pressure on you about your career when you're only 13, I can only think they think child labour is acceptable or they are workaholics - both of which I think are problematic.
  • There are two answers I'd like to give you. Number one, don't care what anyone thinks about your career at your age. You need a lot of self-discovery at this point. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to jump into a career you're not happy with. I didn't even start going to college until recently, and I'm 24! Honestly, I'm glad I didn't get stuck in something I hate. Has money been tight? Yes. Did my life fall apart? No. I worked in jobs that paid the best they could, managed my money well, and still managed to afford apartments, fun things, etc. Secondly--don't give up on art if you DO decide you love it because it seems unstable. It's actually what I'm in college for. You can succeed as an artist, you just need to find a way to sell it until you can just create art for a living. You can go into graphic design, for example, which pays quite well, and work your way up to an art director, someone who basically chooses how an entire magazine, for example, looks. That pays almost $100,000/year. Not unstable at all! At that point you can do whatever you want with your own, personal artwork. The truth is, everything worth it in life that pays well does take some hard work.
  • oh for Gods sake you are a kid leave the worrying to us, go out and play with your friends have fun go out partying or something

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