• I would stay on the phone while rushing over there. Must be bad if she can barely talk.
  • I'd tell her if it is ok to go pick her up, if she is ok with it, I would go and pick her up, then she would get out of the environment that is making her feel that way, and when she is more comfortable she would talk about it.
  • well , actually miri i have been in that situation , i had a friend who called me once , she kept on crying , and i really had no idea on what she was saying , so ofcourse i couldnt stay on the phone , i got dressed and went to her place to know exactly whats wrong . and i stayed with her the rest of the day to make her feel better .
  • I would tell her that I cant help her until she speaks in English, and that I would be glad to be an ear for her if she straightened up and calmed down. Then I would hang up.
  • You know my girlfriend?:) Actually, I have a very good female friend that I would go to in a second.
  • I'm guessing that you are referring to "female" best friends? Although, it is not uncommon for "males" to cry. I have been on both sides of the spectrum in this case. I have been both the caller and the one being called. As soon as I could determine where my friend was at, I went to her ASAP. Just as when I was the one calling, my best friend came to my aid as soon as I could tell her where I was at. There is a special bond between BEST FRIENDS, it's almost an unspoken fact, if you are "needed or the needer" you go ASAP. In my case, my best friend actually saved my life! So, to all of you..."BEST FRIENDS", if yours phones you and is upset enough that she can not stop crying enough to tell you what is wrong, find out where she is and go! Do not stop for a cola, or even a smoke (if you so that sort of thing), go straight to your friend. You never know whose' life you may be saving. It may even be your own!
  • If Erin ever called me like that, I would probably hang up on her. My girl friends know never to call me with that crap. I'm really not the guy a girl should bring her problems too. When a girl is like that, they are looking for you to agree with them. I usually just make it worse.
  • My best female friend is my wife. If she called me in that situation I'd ask her if she wanted me to come over. If she wanted me to or I couldn't understand her then I'd go over to her place. If she said no then I'd just hear her out for a few minutes and see what happened after that. If she still didn't calm down then I'd go over to her place. If her speech was intermingled with screaming, choking, gurgling, gasping for air, or some other accompanying sounds of urgent distress, then I'd try calling 911 and see what they advise.
  • I would goto to her ASAP & see what's wrong. You also need to keep in mind that some people use crying as a manipulation technique. So, when you goto help her, make sure it's legitimate & not just a con job. I say that because I've had good best friends worthy of respect, care & trust, but I had one who stole from me & wanted to draw me into the wrong crowd. If she's legitimately your best friend, it'll be legitimate & she'll appreciate your kindness & compassion. Help her through her tough time.
  • I'd go over and see her, Miri to find out what was wrong. Did this happen to you? How did it turn out?
  • I would go over to her house and hold her in my arms, let her rest her head on my shoulder and i would tell you to just really let it go. I would comfort her, hold her tight and massage her tence shoulders and then when she had had a good cry i would listen to her problems.
  • I would try to console her before she does something radical. Most girls are crazy when they get emotional.

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