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  • no sick have you
  • yes I have. My sister, Lisa.
  • I felt up my sister once
  • No, never.
  • No that's totally disgusting, wrong, and I'm sure illegal in most states.
  • Yes & it the most loving thing in the world. both very consenting.
  • How old are you two? Wasnt that a bit akward?
  • Yes and it was marvelous
  • no, but i found out that an old friend of mine's daughter was fathered by her brother happens a bit i'm long as the two were adults and more importantly consenting, i dont give a care...while i think it's disgusting for me personally, i don't care or pass judgement on those who choose to do each her/his own
  • Sort of.... my brother and I did a threesome with this girl we both had been doing. So while I didn't have sex directly with my brother, we were connected through the girl :-)
  • I don't have a brother and it's probably a good thing because I enjoy having sex with any guy that I like.
  • NOT on your life eewww....
  • ewwwwwww.....ewwwwww....ewwwwww...
  • yes and i really did love it. it was an amazing experience and we both plan on doing it again. most people think its weird but i loves it because we both know each other so well so he knew all my favorite places and what i liked. i know all his too. if you have done this, then good for you. it really isnt as bad as people say or as disgusting.
  • yes i did,it was best in my life.i was 26 ,she was 20,she was going to marry,we both best friend,she ask me about sex,bcz she scared aboutfirst night,and its turn in to .after she felt ok about her was best.after her first night she told me thanks for that lesson.
  • yes i have and it had to be the best thing i have ever done in my life the first time we did it was a little over a year ago i was 16 and she was 15 we were both at the family lake house and we were home alone. We went down to the lake to go swimming. We both thought it would be funny to go skinny dipping. We started to make out after our clothes were off and eventually it led to sex. We have sex on a regular basis now and it was the best decision I ever made. I had always loved and cared for my sister. I did have wild fantasies about her because of how beautiful she was, but after the sex we have connected on a different level we are both in love with eachother as brother and sister and as lovers. Some people may say that it is disgusting but it isnt so what we are related that is no big deal! Starting a sexual relationship with my sister was the best thing i have ever done. I love her deeply.
  • Yes, It all started one day I went to his home and he asked me to his room. I was 11 and he was 16. We were watching an old black and white movie where the couple were kissing, and he turnings to me and said " I would like to do that with you" to me it was more of a learning experiance, I remember peeking while his eyes were closed, and the next time we we saw each other we were having anal sex on and off for a couple of years, i was never crazy about the sex but I think that that secret brought us closer. Years later when I was about 22 and he was 27, we kissed and yes it was hot, I remember him melting a little but at that time he was getting married and it never happened again. It's been 17 years since I've seen and I can't help but want to kiss him again. I wonder if he thinks of me in that way too.
  • No but im in my 30's and my half sister is in her early 20's and i have been gone for a long time with college out of state and then working out of state but anyways when no ones around shes very freindly and touchy with me. Three times i had to get up and leave cause she was making me hard, usually by sitting next to me and brushing up against me or nonchanlantly putting her hand on my thigh while leaning over to look at something. She always wears very sexy/revealing clothes too, like short shorts and a tube top. One time she leaned over behind me and was brushing her breasts across my back with no bra on, i could feel her very erect nipples like two eraserheads brushing against my back. I really tried not to get hard and was like 'oh god no in my head' but i was so aroused i got incontrollably hard and at the same time i felt really embarressed and ashamed so i said i have to goto the bathroom and got up. She looked right at my bulge but didnt say anything. After that i noticed she glances at my crotch like shes seeing if i get hard or not and when i do i get up cause im scared she might think im some weirdo. I havent touched her back or anything like that at all. Previousely to these instances we have never messed around at all or even talked about sex or anything. I dont know if shes being like girl friendly and thinks im a freak or if shes doing it on purpose.
  • Ye i have i woke up and found him in my getting naked then i got atracted to him then i got naked the it just happend but he never done it again but today he was watchin TV he tryed to tuch me then u no wot
  • I understand the reasons why brothers and sisters should not get married to each other but there's no harm done by a little practice sex... ;~)

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