• i guess not nope
  • Evidence, yes. Proof, no.
  • Prayer is not a magic amulet. It's not something you do when all else fails. Prayer is part of an ongoing relationship that a person has with God. I pray daily and see my prayers answered daily. It is a regular coversation that I have with God just like I'd have with my family. As for empirical evidence, it's not a science; it's part of a faith response to God and an expectation of His response to me. There is no way to PROVE God answered my prayer and kept my family safe in a bad storm. Someone else would say it was just good luck. It depends on your point of view.
  • I prayed for the Lord to save my soul 6 years ago and He did. He also has answered my prayers many times before. I hope that this is helpful. Thank you and God bless you!
  • There have been many test which have never shown a pattern of results, meaning that no it does not work.
  • The fall of man introduced disease and unrest in the world. Prayers are not answered if they do not fall within the will of God. Because we sinned against God in the Garden of Eden, He put a curse on the earth. I think the place Twupfold is thinking of is Heaven. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • From an Atheist point of view I'll tell that indeed, prayer does work. It doesn't always achieve the results we expect from it, but it does work, in one way or another. Now, whether this is considered "empirical" evidence or not, beats me!
  • No, there is no hard evidence. I suppose it could be said that it depends on your personal perspective, even scientific studies can be skewed to give a pre-supposed result. May I suggest you read the book "The Shack" it is fictional but attempts to answer the hard questions about prayer and related subjects.
  • The double-blind studies show it doesn't.
  • None you would accept.
  • Yea..You prolly have prayed for something and you got it
  • Prayer works by giving the person a positive outlook on whatever prayer they want answered. If they pray and really believe it will happen, it most likely will if it's something close to being within their hands. Self fulfilling prophecies. If we believe something good will happen, something eventually will. Now, as far as an old bearded man behind a golden fence casting spells and granting prayers... No, I don't see any evidence that happens.
  •   "What purpose does prayer serve?" We don't know God's "Plan", if any, but it might just be that it allows for God's creation to evolve on its own. That could include the possibility for man to handle his own affairs and continue to evolve according to the circumstances that develop. Accordingly, prayer may not actually be a connection to God but rather a connection between one's conscious mind and subconscious mind which allows one to better tune one's conscious mind with the realities that it is facing. iv Prayer tunes you in 1) The purpose of prayer is as a tuning device. 2) Prayer tunes entities into singleness of being and Harmoniousness of purpose. 3) "Our God, our Guides, and fellow Spirits, we thank Thee for Thy countenance. Pray continue to abide with us." 4) "We are thankful for this past day, And pray that we have grown along the Way; In sleep we turn in search of Thee, For Knowledge, Wisdom and Harmony." 5) "We thank Thee for another day, That we may Love and Grow along the Way; Pray guide our feet where they may go, That we may help all others Grow."  
  • It is written, ''According to your faith be it unto you.'' I personally have seen over 50 miracles of healings. Jesus said , ''If you CAN believe, all things are possible to him who believes,'' Jesus healed ALL who came to Him, yet He could not even do a miracle where there was unbelief. God created all things by His Word. It is THAT Word that gives life. He said we will be justified by words not deeds. Faith is available in God's Word to do anything. He told us ''My people perish for lack of knowledge.'' You who have sick and dying family, GOD'S Word can heal. Seek and you shall find.
  • By definition, empirical means experience without scientific evidence. So based on my experience, yes prayer works.
  • The reason you don't know is because you are looking for an answer to suit you. Sorry, God don't play that.
  • The prayers works on the intention of the person who is praying .
  • Yes. there is a book written on the study done: Investigating Prayer: Impact on Health and Quality of Life By Ian Olver Not a gripping read by any stretch. But yes, prayer does work but just like medicine it's about more than the physical.

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