• All you have to do is do the things she normally does for you in front of her. Do your laundry and let her know it. Cook a meal for yourself. That will get her. If you feel like you're old enogh then maybe you should at least give it a try.
  • Well IM, at least she let you get a job! :) She's just being protective because you're her baby. Cherish these times because in a couple of years you'll be on your own and then you realize just how good you had it.
  • prove to her that you can do things.
  • Catch 22, huh? "How can I do things if I'm never given the opportunity to do so?" "Please exercise a little trust in me so that I can excel in this thing I'm trying to do, I appreciate your protectiveness but I need to grow up sometime!" Sometimes parents are afraid to see their kids grow up because they love and dearly miss you as a small child, console them.

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