• I don't think it ever did
  • They didn't.Although the final episode wasn't that funny.
  • I don't think it ever did either. For all the years it was on, it was a weird yet hilarious show about almost nothing but the everyday incidents that happen to people. From the start to the end, I don't think it ever really changed much.
  • Yeah, it never really peaked and started a decline. It just ended. I would say though that the closest thing to it happened behind the scenes where the cast fought for and won larger payouts and syndication pay.
  • It never really did.
  • For me personally it was the first episode I just never liked the show...
  • Seinfeld's premise was to take life's small annoyances and have the characters' reactions snowball out of control, so in that sense it was always about jumping the shark. Generally, to jump the shark means to incorporate gimmicks (such as out-of-place guest stars) when the writers have run out of original ideas for the main characters, or to become too touchy-feely or smarmy.

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