• Well, this has been on Fox news and BBC before once about 2012, but scientists are still working on it I guess. Plus, I don;t think they would want us to panic for up to 4 years.
  • Noone is hiding it, I know about it. It's not really exciting, and not much is known about the planet. That means there can not be a documentary about it, since they dont even have a picture. Suppose they discover an 11 th planet. Or a 12th. It really means nothing, and remember, also, the planet was always there, for millions of years (read billions)
  • Nibiru - this is the planet that some guy supposes exists because he thinks aliens visited ancient sumeria, yes? Not the most reliable source. People aren't hiding something just because they don't acknowledge some crackpot. Might there be another planet or planet-like body in our solar system? It's possible. Does the alien homeworld Nibiru exist, on its collision course with earth scheduled to happen on a date for which some different civilisation couldn't be bothered to write any more calendar for? Err, no.
  • . it is difficult to find any excitement about the year 2012 on this website.
  • . Nibiru is inside of us. It represents fear bigger than anything imaginable. It comes when gamble takes over the world and then microcosms of humans. It is indeed apocalyptic because it ruined all human qualities in man in very short period. it cause the end of the human. And only human can comprehend the world, so in that sense it means the end of the world. All form of gambling adds up to ferocity, heat and speed from this planet, because it has to have bigger power than your fear produced by the pain of loosing and wining. The one in the sky is just reflection of the real one. If our world is destroyed before from the one inside of us we will not survive the other one, and if we save our microcosms and harmony of inner solar system and think out of the box the one in the sky will still be bad but not so much, for the fear will be reduced to level not fatally dangerous for our mind. It will hit us with debris which comes with it but will not be so bad as we think but only for those who manage to hold on to faith and think out of the box. The one inside is already here its fuel is human grief caused by gamble of any kind, but in same time it has no connection with gambling. It is on the way anyway, you like it or not. It is the only thing it has no compromise. If you are not ready to go out of the box it will not give you spare time. I know it sound funny but believe me is not. Principle of microcosms is a base for everything in heavens. Nibiru is global fear which does not chose or has mercy but. It has the power to cause death of human ego and if not ready with that life’s of a human. Nobody can save nobody, but you can self. So close Pandora box yourself before it does. And by the way it has no green people on it. Stay Humans - Good Bless
  • from what i've read, scientists haven't said much about it b/c they say its orbit will pass thru or collide with our solar system in 2012, which would cause bad global conditions for us and cause the earth to wobble. if its true, it doesn't sound good to me. they probably don't talk about it b/c they don't want everyone to panic, and of course they would. also there's been talk about the government having something to do with the planet's secrecy to avoid a mass panic.
  • Perhaps because it is a load of complete and utter nonsense?
  • because they're afraid that everyone will go crazy and all hell will break loose THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!
  • Lets just assume for a moment that the psuedo-science crowd's dream planet is a reality and that it will indeed collide with our solar system and end mankind as we know it in 2012. What possible good would it do to tell everyone that? We have far too many loose canons among the populace. There would be silly mass pandemonium leading to millions of deaths even if no real planet ever did materialize and bumb into us. Now, what concerns me is this second thought you mention about "after the rupture." The growing tear in the fabric of space time doesn't exist. Don't worry about it. And say nothing more about it. :)
  • if it messes, then, like the moon has to account for the errors, but its not even gonna happen.P

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