• New York city. Very crowded.
  • The worst neighborhood in America is living right next to the Barona Indian Reservation in rural San Diego County. The Barona tribe operates a noisy, dusty, environmentally disastrous motocross track mere yards from 100 homes, and yet, though they claim to be "good neighbors," they refuse to even talk to us. We asked them to move the track, and they responded by expanding the size of the track, the size of the motorcycles, and the days and hours of operation. It started as a minibike track, and is now a full-size, 4-day-a-week, 9 am to 5 pm nuisance. The tribe donates millions of dollars to the urban areas, but they won't even move their track further into the reservation to be neighborly to us. Read more here: What's worse is that the local and state governments are powerless, because the federal government has given the tribes "sovereign immunity" from all local zoning regulations. The Indians thumb their noses at us because the federal government lets them get away with it! You wouldn't believe it if you couldn't see it. We need help to regain the use of our homes. If you can help, please email us from our website.
  • Compton. Too much shooting.

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