• Only the prescription ones work.
  • but not necessarily mean it's safe, take Hydroquinone for example. It's banned in UK & Japan but it is being prescribed here by our Dermatologist. Studies shows that long term use of HQ causes cancer. Here are just a few links to further explain.
  • Use whatever Michael Jackson was using. That seems to work well.
  • Yea, but it's sold out in Africa. Soon they'll look like us!
  • Yoghurt, oranges, gram flour and honey are ingredients that have been used for centuries as skin lightening products. They are much better than the peroxide derivatives you will get off the shelf too. Just test first to see what quantity your skin can tolerate before going all out.
  • Yess... There might be so many products out there saying that it will lighten your skin... But, I would say, no product works better than the one made with natural , organic ingredients. Our skin is considered to be the most sensitive one. And, applying bad products may lead to dryness, roughness, and irritated skin. So, we all require to take care of our skin the most. And, for that I would recommend the use of handmade natural soaps. I applied many products but none of them gave a good result. So, I switched to use Handmade soaps. And , I got one from MIZU HANDMADE JOY( They provide the best homemade soaps which are suitable for any skin type. It deeply nourishes your skin, soften it, And lightens it. It gives you the natural glowing fairness. So, use Homemade soaps and, you will feel the difference... AND, HOMEMADE NATURAL SOAPS DOES NOT HARM...
  • According to my personal experience, I think you should consult with the dermatologist to talk about which option is best for you. Because Most of the product is safe, but some, like hydroquinone, are recognized to have side effects. I recommend you to try Intilight; it is the secure and effective skin bleaching cream and created by known dermatologist Dr. T. Balshi. It also provides skin bleaching for intimate areas and also appropriates your skin type.

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