• If you want to keep the house, you have to pay off the mortgage
  • Depending on the state you live in, the courts will most likely rule the house must be sold. If there is a mortgage on it, the lender has to be paid back. If there is a way you can take out a new mortgage, and pay off the old one, you might have a chance, but most likely not.
  • i can't give you any legal advice however im sorry to hear what happened. please be strong, you need to be for u and ur daughter. i know its so hard but dont ever break down in front of her never show ur stress to her and spend even more time with her now.
  • Could you pay the mortgage if you received the child support you would be entitled to? Your rights will depend on your jurisdiction. If you haven't already done so, consult a lawyer ASAP. I was in the same situation 22 years ago. Took a bath on the mortgage and suffered a hit to my credit rating that took me almost 7 years to recover from. I eventually was able to buy a house all on my own, but the intervening years were very difficult; I couldn't even afford a car for many years. Nothing was more satisfying than knowing that I was rebuilding myself financially and that my ex was still wasting his money on rent - he still owns nothing and has an unsteady income. Karma is long term.
  • If you can't pay the mortgage how are you going to stay there, he is entitled to give 17% of his salary, and you need babysitting money. There is no way, think this out very carefully, maybe you can sell and can buy a condo, some men will give up there rights to a home to make sure his child has a roof over there heads..Good luck
  • thanks for all your help, i was hoping he could be made to give me more money to cover the mortgage, but i guess not.
  • Be prepared to sell the house. You can't expect to keep it with half the income plus child support. That would be unreasonable.
  • he might have to give you money and then you can use that for morgage

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