• An Answerbag stuffed with cash!!
  • A week away from answerbag, on the sunny shores, of Mexico.
  • An automated email answering machine to respond to everyone's "So-and-so won't stop touching me" emails they send every day:0
  • Monogrammed his and hers baggage :-)
  • Hum, how about a do-it-yourself divorce kit. LOL Just kidding. I just get something the couple picks in their registry. I think you should get them this
  • I would design a screen door with a big ? on the front of it. Sturdy aluminum, of course. Ill even screen it for him.
  • Buy things at the right of the screen so he makes more money.
  • Our continued participation, problem-free for a change. Fewer "urgent" emails..fewer complaints...less whining...less arguing among ourselves. Give him and AB Staff a break..act like grownups for awhile. Betcha he'd love it...AB-Rich would love it..all the CL's would love it..heck, who wouldn't love it? :) ((hugs))
  • A magic 8-ball. So that on his honeymoon he doesn't have to think of any of the answers, he can just relax and enjoy.

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