• Ignore it - the points don't matter, and they don't actually get subtracted and make you lose rank or level. Enjoy giving answers that help other people, ask questions that make people think, and make friends and enjoy the chats that ensue in comments. Feel proud of what you do and don't let the trolls get you down. Ever had a little kid stick their tongue out at you at random on the street? Yeah, it's like that.
  • Just be thankful for the bunches of positive ratings that you DO get. =) Ignore them and have fun. Points couldnt matter less. ~+~
  • I would just ignore it. Keep asking and answering as you do and forget about those who troll.
  • turn your ratings off, then it doesnt matter :)
  • heres some points to get you back up
  • I do not know if this helps, but think of the reason you are on here for. Is it just to kill time, exchange ideas or to be popular? Let people that play games play them, kids will be kids.
  • Just ignore it, it really it doesn't matter... I've gotten a fair amount of -4s today too lol.
  • Don't worry about it man. A lot of us get hit like that. Jack01 hit me and rooftopguitar like that this past weekend. It's just petty. Just don't stoop to their level and you're still OK.
  • It was only three times, that doesn't really count as trolling here, yet. When it gets to be 8-10, then you really have a problem. If it bothers you, go to your profile page and turn off your ratings, leaving just the comments and answers.
  • I am confused.I just went to your profile and read your last 5 answers.None were down rated,none that I could find anyway.Sorry if this is happening to you, that sucks.
  • I also looked at your profile. You were only hit 3 times. Really that is nothing! Like Galeanda said, if it bothers you turn your ratings off and then you won't even know that it happened. Besides, it doesn't take points off your total. I don't even know why trolls do it anyway. Sometimes, one little thing that you say just hits a nerve with some people and they get vindictive. Especially if it is about politics and religion. I do try to stay away from those questions, but will admit to being sucked in once and a while Then wham, negative ratings.
  • trolls can't read - you give them too much credit. have a drink and relax
  • One question and two answers (to the same question) is NOT "being trolled". There are a batch of trolls out there who just LOVE to get reactions like this to their handiwork, but they usually hit MANY more than three items.
  • You too? Over the last 5 or 6 days, I've lost 40 points :o(
  • Meh, points are points, what are you gonna do?

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