• peroxide
  • I've had my hair just about every color you can think of at one time or another :)
  • When i was about six I cut my own hair which I used the pet shears and ended up with many little bald spots
  • I dyed it blue twice. I thought it looked cool.
  • The oddest thing I think is removing Manic Panic with Windex. But I know of someone (a Friend of a friend) that did something worse... She was right for wanting to be what is sometimes implied by "bleach blond." Because she used clorox to literally "bleach" her hair... I have no idea what came of it, but I assume that she went bald instead? What an EEEDIOT!
  • i had it dyed navy blue once when my friend was training to be a hairdresser... then i had it purple, then pink.. thank goodness i was like 17 at the time!! lol
  • I got it almost all cut off.I had a military style buzz cut because I lost a bet with a friend who is a ginormous Boston Red Sox fan and my 2 choices were get my head shaved or wear a Redsox Cap and Jersey to the home opener at Yankee Stadium next season.
  • I was going a little grey on the sides, and I needed to dye it, but couldn't afford to. I was performing in a band, and didn't want to look too old, so I shaved off the grey and just hung my bangs over the area. I got away with it on the day...but when my sister saw me, she noticed and I had to confess. She just about split her sides laughing.
  • My sister was the receptionist for a cosmetologist school. I would constantly get calls from her to come in because someone needed to do one procedure or another in order to complete their requirements. So I was forever looks. One young girl had to do a dye job and I went it for her. I came out with a copper red that looked like a shinny new penny. I was working in a nursing home at the time and when I would walk in to the a room the elders eyes would brighten up as much as my hair....
  • I tried an at home high light kit and I turned most of my hair white instead of golden. I was trying to save money and would up spending over $100 to fix it and that was 20 years ago.
  • I had many of the punkish, Sweet Georgia Brown colors. THE craziest was probably BRIGHT pink. Oh and yes, I was a lawyer when I did this, way too old (but I'd started hanging out with a punk crowd). Oh and I am African American and I always kept my normal cut. So it was punk and NOT punk, pink yet relaxed and hanging straight. Lol.
  • Shhh, don't tell anyone...I actually had a tail in the 80s...
  • I've had it dyed pink, blue, green, purple! Every color of the rainbow!
  • It's been a very rich teal colour numerous times, and it also got cut from waist-level to ear-level.
  • I dyed from black back to blond, and it turned a *very* bright fluorescent orange.
  • i had it cut short when i was fifteen, i hated it.:)
  • Mine was shaved on the sides and spikey...dyed aqua blue back during the days of "new wave" music.
  • dyed it blue in the early 90's. Used to wear very radical spikey short haircut...hard more.
  • I cut half of it off a couple of months ago, and that's about as crazy as I get.
  • Decided I wanted to get curls in August last year. Went and got a perm after my hair had been dyed black then blonde straight after and my hair was so damaged that it started breaking off and falling out so I had to get it chopped off - pixie style. My hair was down to my elbows before the perm and just below my shoulders after the perm brought it up. Also the perm stripped my hair of all colour in it leaving it a nasty yellow colour left over from the ammonia in the blonde hair dye. I cut the last of the perm out in May of this year and my hair has only just reached my shoulders!
  • dyed it fuscha
  • die it bright blonde.what the hell was i thinking.i looked crazy.

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