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  • No, I don't have the time or patience to hold a grudge :)
  • Yes, for I will never forgive Bill Clinton for letting Osama Bin laden go and leaving Bush to foot the bill (pun intended).
  • No, not a grudge, but I won't forget.
  • Yes, I am.
  • Holding a grudge just lets someone live in your head long after whatever transgression they have committed is past. I've got better things to do with my time/energy.
  • No, I don't hold grudges for long. Forgive and forget is my motto. Don't get me wrong, I get really really angry from time to time (must be the German in me) but I eventually cool down (must be my Swedish side).
  • I'm ashamed to admit that I am.
  • YES. Don't want to, and it's not even my 'fight' as it were, but I am FURIOUS with a coward (initials p.w.) who had the clout, resources, and proof it took to be able to put a plaigaristic bully on notice, back in 1976. Instead, he just let her walk all over him, and she does it today, with no fear. And why should she fear? The guy doesn't have the backbone God gave over-cooked spaghetti! This grudge was, interestingly, borne out of a movie, where a FICTIONAL songwriter (and the actor who played him) showed more guts and passion in an hour and a half long movie (as well as the two and a half months filming time), than chicken little showed in real life!! The actor could have been KILLED in one of the scenes in the movie, for music that WASN'T EVEN HIS!!!! I HATE how I feel but I loathe cowards. ESPECIALLY those who COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING but don't! IN my book, fictional heroes beat REAL LIFE COWARDS anyday!
  • Yes, I do. But I no longer allow it to rule my life. He has no power over me. I'd be happy if he dropped dead, but wouldn't lift a finger to make it happen.I just don't care that much about him. He ruined my life and my kids, but I do not allow him to reside in me and make me bitter. He has no power over me. It is within my power to have him hurt badly, maybe worse. But I would never do that because That would be allowing him to control my thoughts and actions again. WIth the exception of questions like these, I generally just don't think about him at all. I even pitied what he had become, but good therapy helped me realize he is not even worth that.
  • No serious grudges that I allow to impact my life. But a few bitter memories, sure. That's part of learning from past mistakes.
  • I don't call them grudges as much as having a very good memory of ver bad moments...
  • I don't do "grudge", "revenge" or "retaliation". They are against my religion. :)
  • My eldest brother and I have spoken to each other for 6 years. I am not really holding a grudge but his past behaviour towards my mother was inexcuseable. My mother and him haven't spoken for 6 years either.
  • No! ... to do so would be holding negative feelings ... Negative feelings will not hurt the other who put it there ... they only damage and eat at the one who holds onto it ... I take a good moment and grow by its pleasure ... I take a bad moment as a lesson to learn ... the lesson is to be used to create positive thought only by the understanding that I have everything ... if this ... a grudge, is my only problem ... No personal grudges within me ... I leave karma to deal with my afflictions that would normally be. It's by his grudge ... that I will never cry for me ... Thankyou.
  • Holding grudges is a waste of time and energy. That would be a no. Life is too short.
  • Sometimes I feel that way but I get over things quickly so... But it is usually them starting it and I just follow suit until I come to my senses and just stop. Its not worth it.
  • YES & I will forever
  • no i think it is a waste of time. lifes to short to hold on to petty crap.
  • No, it only hurts you, they dont have a clue you are still pissed off.
  • In a way. My stepfather poisoned my dog and though I try to let it go, sometimes these terrible feelings toward him surface and I really have to fight them to make them go away. He's dead now, so there is really no reason why I shouldn't be able to get completely past this, but I REALLY loved my dog. He started showing symptoms at night and I tried every vet within a 60 mile radius and could get NO help. I watched him die a horrible death...he bled to death. Near the end he was even bleeding through the pores of his skin. Yes, I think I still am holding a grudge. I know I shouldn't, but I guess it's just going to take more time. :-(
  • Not toward anyone I've been with, not even my unfaithful ex wife, but definitely toward my parents. It's kind of hard to let it go when I still have nightmares about what they did. They can not be a part of my life ever again.
  • Yes, I have a grudge that I am still holding all these years later. It has become a part of me, although I do not let it control my life.
  • No, grudges only bother the person that's holding them.
  • No, I let go of all my grudges years ago. Now I only hate myself.
  • I don't know what you call what I feel but it's not really a grudge. It's like they're dead to me but still walking and breathing.

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