• We were robbed in Italy-That sucked.
  • thu worst thing that happened on MY holiday was - My aunt & uncle got drunk smoked some weed and drove home 2 abuse my cousins
  • I'm not getting one
  • I was on deployment, we hit a port in France. I was on duty which pretty much means you stay on the ship. It was X-mas night and late at night all the other sailors were coming back, some were drunk, some threw up. I had to clean it up because I was on duty and the lowest rank available at that time. You get used to not being around for holidays though, that's just how it is.
  • Last year we had a family vacation--15 of us went on a cruise. The vacation (holiday) went fine. Two days after our return, my sister passed away from an embolism. This was a week before our Christmas holiday was somber to say the least.
  • falling on the ice and hurting my knee bad, it ruined my holiday

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