• Yoda the answer is.
  • Yoda, young one is the true best jedi.
  • Yoda is the only answer! Do or do not; there is no try. - Yoda, Stars Wars Listen to Yoda!
  • Use the force and realize the only possible answer is Yoda.
  • After 800 years, best Yoda will be!
  • Yoda kick mace windo ass!
  • Yoda. it would have been a better question if you had asked who was better in thier prime? Luke or Anakin Skywalker
  • Yoda...most definitely.
  • Mace Windu! Because im trying to be different, and hes played by Samuel L Jackson. Yoda is played by a puppet, and by a CGI puppet in the new ones. Samuel L Jackson is Mace Windu, and Samuel L Jackson is Mother F*&%in cool so Mace Windu must be Mother F*&%in cool. In the movie world Yoda lets say during the 3rd movie even at Yodas old Age he could still whoop Mace Windu. In the real world Samuel L Jackson could whoop that little puppet. But which matters more? That which is fake ? or that which is real? Yoda > Mace but Samuel > Yoda puppet.
  • yoda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • for all of you people who say yoda, u r an idiot who had darth sidius begging 4 his life? mace windu (not windo u idiot) who ran away like a little girl for the rest of his little green life while facing him? yoda and the guy who said the 800 years comment, this just proves that what mace did in 40 years was better than what yoda did in 800.
  • Yoda has more skill and could probably shoot lightning bolts at Mace.
  • yoda was wiser and more attuned to the force. Mace windu was the more powerful at useing it in combat. SO in a way they are equall in their own respected areas.
  • Yoda all the way!
  • Mace Windu beat the Sith lord, but Yoda only drew him. The only reason Mace died was Anakin coming out of nowhere with his crazy.
  • Mace Windu is the best jedi ever created. Mace is a skilled diplomat. His lightsaber skills are legendary. He did two things that no one else could do. He beat Darth Sidious in saber battle. He also mastered Vaapad with out crossing over to the dark side. Matter fact he was able to channel dark side powers and use it for the light side. He was powerful in the force. He used it to ride tons of rocks,crushed droid armor with his bare hands on Dantooine. And don't forget about his Shatter point. He can see weakness in people,things and life in general. He was extremely intellegent, he waited untill 14 years old to construct his light saber because he wanted the best crystal he could find. He also created a new form of lightsaber battle. With out a doubt Yoda has more years in the force than Mace. But Mace has the best balance of all jedi life.

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