• My answer to my sister was this; In every job there will be at least one class act A-hole! However, name calling is not appropiate! That's abusive behavior, & should never be tolerated by your boss. Is the $$$ worth waking up EVERYDAY hating where you go? If you plan on leaving soon, start looking for a new job NOW. And when you do leave, let the BITCH know exactly why you are leaving! (just expect to have burned that bridge)
  • Nobody ever has to put up with abuse from there boss, tell your boss to go take a flying fuck through a rolling donut, then go to human resources and file a harassment complaint
  • In my opinion is, no one has the right to be called names by anyone in the workplace. It is difficult because she is new and doing her best I take it? She may want to go to Human Resources or simply sit down with her boss and discuss it once and for all, and express her feelings regarding name calling etc. Its hard when you are a new employee, but no one deserves that kind of treatment.
  • I hate to be the one to say this, but there are no laws that state that a boss can't be a beoch, my question would be, has she physically hurt you in any way? I want to stress, alot of companies have policies about how you treat co-workers. I would go to human resources, if there is one, and file a complaint. If you are retaliated against for filing a greivance against your boss (that can be proven), then you may have more of a legal case against them. Please do not tell the boss off, until you are on the way out the door, if you leave, if you do it sooner, you will be fired, and no legal recourse whatsoever. Good luck, and just for the record, my personal opinion is, no one should have to go through this! I wish there was a beoch/butthole law that we could go to, when this happens!
  • What your sister’s boss is doing is illegal. Your sister should stand up for herself and calmly let the boss know that the insults are unacceptable. Tell your sister to write down every abusive comment her boss has made or continues to make. Make note of the time, date, place it occurred and names of any witnesses. When you get a few incidents logged, take the journal to HR and the abuse should stop. If it doesn’t or if the boss takes retaliatory action, document the behavior, go back to HR and tell them you are getting an attorney. If it’s a good company your boss would probably then be fired. People like that don’t deserve to be in management positions.
  • maybe she needs to turn her boss in for treating her like that

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