• The world is forever changing, the real question is will it progress or regress?
  • not for the better I am afraid. I believe there will always be good hearted people in the world but over the last few years I have experienced first hand less and less humanity. less caring about others and more caring about "me" . less giving to others and more about keeping it all for myself. Kids today are being raised in an atmosphere that they are not being taught respect and kindness. they are becoming adults who think it's ok to be disrespectful and rude and they have the attitude that "if I want it, it's mine no matter what'. the world is changing and some things are good but as for as human's bad
  • The world is changing all the time. Look back 100 years the world is a completely different place.
  • Not as long as politicians rule the world. It will continue to get worse.
  • there will still be wars and religion issues i think
  • Change is inevitable; except from a vending machine.
  • Yes, the world will change when Jesus Christ returns and sets His feet back on the earth.

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