• Hand reading is fun, but not really that reliable. Don't hate!
  • The flight path of an aeroplane will be dependent mostly upon factors of environment, aerodynamics, pilot control, onboard equipment and physics. The palm of a passenger will not have a significant effect upon the flight of the aircraft, hence the state of crashedness is indeterminable from the information received about the state of the life line of one's hand.
  • I'd say that these people would probably go die on their own, not take down a plane with them. ;) Palm reading isn't my strong suit, but I know with Tarot, the death card doesn't mean "Oh god you're going to die"- it symbolises an end, like it might be played on a job or a happy home or whatever. Maybe a short life line could mean they'll just lose their zest for life or the things that make life worth living early, not their life itself. Such a happy thought. >.>

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