• To me playing videos games it takes your mind and makes you focas on it.
  • Swimming, watering the garden, and washing dishes... I think it's cuz I'm a fire sign. Stress is me overheating so water activities is helpful.
  • Meditation. 40 min day, and several intensive Zen retreats per year. There are other things I do as well, such as going for walks, playing the piano, etc., but nothing else comes close to having the same level of effectiveness in my experience.
  • I train in jiu-jitsu and there is nothing better to take your mind of the rest of the world than a good solid hour of grappling, it's just you and the opponent with good exercise and it is a lot more mental than it appears. It is like acting out a chess game and if it is with a good partner you can enjoy both the victories and defeats in the name of perfecting the art.
  • During the summer, I swim, during the winter, I read and climb trees. And all year, I hang around on answerbag.
  • When I need time to think, reflect and just get away from stress, I go out for a nice, long, walk by myself, just listening to music. It calms me down and allows me to think without being under pressure. I go to the gym, it helps me keep my mind on other things than what is causing me stress. And I also go online (mostly on answerbag) to keep my mind on other things as well.
  • Fishing. And if I don't really want to be bothered with the effort of actually catching a fish, I will sometimes just sit on my boat in the middle of the lake.
  • praying to GOD.
  • Reading or sleeping more.
  • Meditation and listening to great music.
  • talking to certain people, or busting my lungs with my pipe playing :)
  • Music is the best for me; it's like a Godsend. If I'm too stressed I often will get extremely tired even if I had a full night's sleep and kind of pass out for a long while before I feel better.
  • Being close to him, his making me laugh or anything else he might have to say. Being out in nature.
  • Making jewelry, listening to music, arranging flowers, gardening
  • Interpreting the practice of a monk, and his strife to be rightfully discolored, abrupt conflict dissipates in response to his evident distinguishable behavior, disarming the citizen emrgence, and qualifying himself, simply as an ornament
  • Answerbag.

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