• If I'm not mistaken, on that car, the relay is either a part of the pump, or there next to it. Either way, I am almost certain that it is there mounted at the top and inside the fuel tank, the same location where one will find their pump is. I don't think you'll find an access panel either, meaning then one has to drop the tank in order to do most repairs. Good Luck, and PEACE!
  • It's either in the battery junction box. Which is the box under the hood that houses fuses and relays or if your unlucky; it's in the constant control relay module. This module has 3 or 4 relays in it and must be replaced as an assembly. I'm not real sure on that yr. but hopefully it's not the latter.
  • 1994 ford taurus fuel pump relay is in the constant control relay box sitting on top of the radiator fan shroud below the plastic "cover" that has labels for belt diagram, engine size etc. Center of car. It contains not only the fuel pump relay but the coolant fan relay and the relay that tell the computer that the car is in the run mode and to supply power to the fuel injectors. This is usually a fine setup, but unfortunatly, things do fail, and this one must be replaced as a unit, and is pricey. IF your cooling fan comes on with the ignition key turned on and the car is cold, you have a failure in that box. Don't ask me but this is something I have had to learn, hope that it helps.
  • Look in the trunk on the left side. There should be a small flap in the side carpet. Lift the flap and with a finger reach in and locate the button. Push the button and it will reset the pump. When you get ready to start the engine turn on the ignition and wait for a couple of seconds. You may be able to hear an audible click. Then start the engine. I had a Taurus and had this problem.

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