• $0. Going to anything like a strip joint would cost my integrity a whole lot more than dollar bills. Maybe I'm just being a girl, but yeah :)
  • 0$. Never been and have no intentions to go to one.
  • $0. Never been in one. I am a Mason. That is a club for males but it is quite different from the usual meaning for "Gentleman's Club."
  • Probably like 50 bucks. It gets old pretty fast.
  • Only about $30. The one near Gainesville was pretty dodgy, but birthdays need to be celebrated sometimes.
  • One night, me and 3 of my buddies, got into a car and just drove to the casino about an hour away from where we live. I won 3,000 dollars that night on some great cards that I got. It was about midnight when we left the casino, so I decided I would treat everyone to a great night out. I spent 2,500 dollars in a strip club with me and my buddies. In my opinion everyone should do something like this at least once in their lives. Great stories come from these kinds of trips.
  • Me about ex husband about..I can't even talk about it!!!
  • Nothing. I have been to one in New Orleans. Amusing story. Some co-workers and I were walking around, they were looking for booze, I was starving. So I was looking for food signs not really paying attention. They said we could find food in this one place. I ran upto the bar and asked for a menu. Ordered some food, that's when I turn around and noticed all of the naked women. So I sent the food bill to my coworker, got my food to go and left.
  • slick nick's in los angeles. i spent five dollars when a dollar would have been adequate.

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