• Never, he was the light of my life:) A gentle giant:)
  • No. My father is not a scary man at all. In fact, he exemplified the expression, "There is nothing as gentle as strength; there is nothing as strong as gentleness"...
  • When he was drunk, yes, very scared. It meant he would beat me or my mother.
  • nope. I don't even know if he would know where to find me and I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to.
  • mother, that's a different thing...
  • Definitely not, my dad was the most loving, caring man I know.
  • yes. When he came home, I would hide. He was very abusive and I never knew if he was just going to yell at me or punch me. so, I lived in fear my entire life
  • Nope, I know I could take my dad if I ever had to. But, I am scared that he may try to hurt my mom.
  • I'm not afraid of him, though many people (that isn't my mother or brother) are, since he was never one to express his emotions, if he is annoyed, happy, impatient you won't notice, his face will be blank, but if you piss him off he blacks out and loses control of his body- which means he can kill, and no know-. But I a daddy's girl, so I always felt at ease...
  • I never new my Dad to good.I lived with my mom and step Dad.He Drank realy bad and would get mad at me and push me and hit me alot.And call me dum all the time.I never felt there was a place for me in this world.
  • When I was young I used to be, because he was your typical "Asian father", tough, strict, dominating, aloof, and unpredictable. He ruled the household, and everyone was subservient under his roof. I remember my mother would wait until he got home from work before she could eat dinner herself, even if it was late. My father and I weren't "buddies" like your typical American Dad and his "pal" son. We were FATHER and son, and that was respected and honored. It was tough, but in a way it also instilled within me the discipline and structure that I needed to face the world and achieve my goals. But I never liked how he used to get angry and shout at us. :(
  • I was, because he was a very angry, unhappy person, and it came out as impatience and meanness...
  • I was only scared of my Dad when I was in trouble for doing something wrong. And that was ONLY because I know I was going to have to tell him what I did and then I would have to answer that dreaded question that I KNEW he was going to ask: "Why did you do it?" And the answer always seemed to be "I don't know!" with a lot of tears. Then I'd have to think about it until I could answer the question. And after that always came "Now, wasn't that a dumb thing to do?", to which the answer was always "Yes!" And if you messed up early in the day, it was even worse. Because you lived in dread of having to explain everything to Dad for HOURS until he came home. I would much rather have had everything end with the spankings I got from Mom!
  • yes ... i was when i was a child and i still am now, i'll tell you why but i suspect you'll have got it
  • I was, yes. He was abusive, molested me. He was schizophrenic and unstable.
  • Yes, because he is sneaky.
  • No,he was never intentionally mean to my siblings,or myself.We would get spankings only when necessary,and he was fair to all of all equally.Spankings were always the last result,and I realized then, as now that they were needed at the time,or I would have turned out different.To this day at 86 we all share a good relationship with both parents.
  • No, I have Never been afraid of him, even when he was at his worst I did not fear him. Maybe that is why when I got older I was the one to finally kick the wife-beating ass out of the house.
  • I'm always was brave and stubborn, but I'm only scared when my father gets really angry. Like my brother, he blacks out- and doesn't realize he does something until it's too late. That's why whenever he's angry, and I notice it is about to get out of hand- I hug him though I'm always afraid during that time that he'll hurt me.

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