• The Bible barely mentions her, but it mentions her faith in the word of the Lord and how she meditated on things rather than speak out about them.
  • if she acts like one
  • She was faithful to God.
  • She accepted being pregnant in a time when this situation could result in the death penalty for immorality...and she stated that she had no relations with a man.
  • Mary was modest and humble. She was willing, able and grateful to serve God without complaining or looking for excuses to not do what was asked of her. She listened carefully, meditated on the Holy Scriptures and prayed fervently. (Lu 2:8-20)
  • Obedience and humbleness...towards Jehovah God...and in a time when being pregnant out of wedlock meant the death penalty...carried out by [NOT] the Romans, but by the Jewish church leaders of her time...the Pharisees and the Sadducees...the same ones that Jesus branded ' whitewashed graves". (Matthew 23:27)

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