• DON"T DO IT! My one friend pierced her belly button without getting it done professionally and it got infected and it looked horrible. Ask your parents and explain that you are getting it done no matter what. I'm pretty sure they would rather have you get it done at a safe clean place rather than you doing it yourself and having any chances of infection.
  • ummm! you shouldnt its the worst thing to do, adn if you or someone else do it and fucks up there will be a scare there forever and im talking from experience, just go get it proffesionally done it is so worth it!
  • Use a shotgun and aim it at your belly button. I'm sure ONE of the shots will go through, and you won't feel it for long, at least. Oh, you don't think that's a good idea? Well neither is piercing your own belly button.
  • You can't. You can minimize the pain and pretty much eliminate risk of painful infections from the piercing if you get it done professionally. Doing it yourself will give you all kinds of pain. Pain from poor tools, from bad placement, from the raging infection, and from the ragged scar that never heals properly...
  • numb it. use ice and hold it for a long time. u could also try a pain patch and let it sit on your skin for awhile, it helps numb you.
  • If you can't afford to get it done professionally, you shouldn't be getting it at all.

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