• In solitary, yes, but not with the general population.
  • I've been to prison. Not for 10 years, but it's still bad. But I think I could make it for 10 years. I would quickly get to the top of the ranks and would pretty much control the other inmates.
  • Only if the judge would grant our request to be sent to a women's prison.
  • As long as you can handle yourself and being alone with yourself you could definitely deal. If you have any issues with yourself, it will come out and you will have a hell of a time. Being alone is the only problem with being locked up. Being in general population isn't hard, it's just like being in high school again, gossip, bickering, nit-picking and tattle-telling. If you're going, stay to yourself and keep your mouth shut, learn to be your best friend and you'll be fine.
  • i don't think so
  • Hell no
  • 3 hots and a cot sounds like some folks who need TLC or special care find it in prison, thus, the high rates of recidivism in our country. if we spent more money taking care of the mentally ill, they wouldn't have to "be protected" in prison (i know, we send them to prison to protect our communities, but, actually, if we paid less money to actually take care of the mentally ill, we wouldn't experience the crimes they commit and they wouldn't be placed in prison). i think that one of the biggest factors is who would be my cell mate. i'm not a gang member and too old to change, so that might cause some problems. ten years is a long time to not be able to play with my kids. i'd probably find something positive in the experience, mission work, reading, classes, work. while i don't know the survival tactics of the street, i think that i could adopt them fairly easily.
  • Going to prison and being locked up is one of my fears. If I ever did anything to get locked up, I'd have to say that I'm not special and I'd have to handle it just like every other inmate does. So far, I've never gotten anything but a speeding ticket so I don't anticipate ever being locked up.
  • I've spent the last four in mine own, yes I could do another ten.
  • I don't think I could handle it and I hope I never have to try.
  • Yes. But at my age, I'd probably die there because of the substandard medical care.
  • In this day and age i think I could, as long as i had my computer access which most have, Decent exercise equipment. Good behaviour in the UK you could be out in about 5 years.
  • it would really depend on who was my cell mate. if she was nice, friend or girlfriend material, and could protect me against the meanies, maybe. somebody here said they would be able to cope if they were in solitary confinement, away from the general inmate population, but think i would go nuts that way. i am a loner, but i also need human contact.
  • Not a chance.
  • No way in hell. I'm too pretty and young-looking to survive 10 hours in prison, let alone 10 years.
  • lots of people do - so i would say yes - not to mention you would not have a choice
  • There are only a few things I would do to put me there and since it would be worth it, I would be fine mentally.
  • Hell no. If I didn't commit suicide in there, somebody else would probably kill me before long. I heard women prison is even more crazy than ones for men, I don't want no curling iron between my legs for having looked at someone the wrong way.
  • No way.
  • Depends on What purpose u go? if u go for some one u loved. I think u can handle.

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