• No. Although it might be possible that similar techniques work. The Straight Dope had an article about this: The facts are as follows: There are cases where people did die after being hit by a single blow, and it is likely that there are pressure points where a well-applied and strong enough hit manages to kill an otherwise healthy person by causing heart failure. However, to this day, nobody has been able to do the feat repeatedly - one cause might be that it's kinda hard to find volunteers for this kind of experiment. Experiments where the goal was to disable a person for a short amount of time were done, however, and were successful.
  • Actually, from a medical stand point, yes it is possible. Not to mention your technique would not have to be aimed for a specific pressure point. Basically if you hit someone hard enough in the area where your heart is located, it is likely that an artery or vein will burst, causing internal bleeding, and the disfunction of the heart. Although it wouldn't necessarily talk a lot of skill, just a lot of well placed power.
  • Yes, that is a real move and it can kill someone. I am a pilot in the USAF and I learned that in Pilot Survival Training. The people who teach it to you have to carry a card that states they know how to actually do it.
  • Not exactly, but sort of ... YES. ... look for the quivering palm / flutter stroke exercise ... that is HOW to start training to do it, but you will also need a good teacher. .
  • I saw a move that really worked and the guy called it the five pointed palm heart exploding ass technique
  • OH YEH, once yeh, i was chillng right. and i saw this guy. he was proepr safe. then yeh hes like WOW CHECK THIS, and im like WATS UP? and he blew up.. i done tha heart exploding thingy by looking at him
  • Yes, and I have actually seen somebody do it.
  • No it doesn't exists ... But it is an exaggeration from the Dim Mak. Dim Mak is a martial art that allows you to stop the energy flow of a part of the body when u hit it with the appropriate force. It is a fatal martial art and very very hard to master
  • well, pai mei is probably dead now so, no idea. you could try some basic ju-jitsu books. lol
  • Easy with a bottle of wine and educational video.
  • I Know Bruce Seddle (PPCT) heart stun a friend of mine with a palm heel strike to the heart. He dropped him like a bad habit. First his face went pale.( the blood went to the center in safe mode) then his face got red ( as the blood pumped back) He was out of it for a short time. Bruce said if you hold pressure on the heart when it inflates back after he knocked it out he said the heart would explode. Bruce is a expert of the human body and I believe him. I hope I said it right.
  • Of course it does. Where do you think all the trolls have been going?
  • Not really, but there is a similar technique
  • Yes it does. By using 3 quick blows at diffrent angles directly to the chest, you can actually stop the flow of the jugular vein. By taking 5 steps, you open it again, but this time too much blood flows into your heart and it eventually explodes.
  • Many techniques involving the Dim Mak system require lengthy training and most do not involve instant death. Consisting of disabling blows leading up to death blows, a novice will not see a true form of the "One Deadly Blow" techniques until the novice first learns everything prior to include minimizing damage from practicing the system. In short, yes the techniques do exist, however, most practitioners will never advance to such a high degree. The techniques operate from interrupting energy flow through nerve endings. Every human being possesses an electrical charge moving through the body. The Ancient Chinese studied this aspect for over 2,000 years so it is very diffucult for modern technology to understand
  • Sure, 5 steps, 5 fingers, 5 palm thrusts, one dead person. Or, one couch potato, one bag of chips, one year of eating, 5 dead arteries. The only thing America can make is movies and dumb people who believe them. The USA is doomed.
  • The concept of a heart exploding is pretty silly. This comment is going to be a long one so bear with me. First of all the heart is essentially a circulating blood pump for the body. The heart forces blood through the arteries, capillaries, and veins. This means that the maximum blood pressure seen in the whole cardiovascular system starts in the heart (specifically the left ventricle). In order for the heart to "explode", it would need to experience a tremendous internal pressure which will not come from the vascular system and actually it would probably just damage one of the heart valves (this could cause death). If you could cause a pressure of this magnitude it would do a lot more damage to the vascular system than the heart. I do, however agree that one could cause fatal damage to the heart through coronary artery damage (this would cause the death of cardiac muscle), or the disruption of the cardiac electrical cycle (that is probably what is happening in the palm strikes mentioned earlier). Anyway, it was a cool idea for the movie.
  • Ive done a Dragon Punch on someone once....pretty much killed him....I went into hiding after that...Im currently shacked up with Osama Bin Laden, so cant tell u where I am
  • I had sex with your sister and her heart exploded. Does that count?
  • Yes. And people really can balance on the end of swords too.
  • No, it was just invented for the movie. It combines the story of the Black Mamba that is the Bride's name in the gang of assassins and Chinese Dim Hsueh. Some call this a "5 Step Snake", since the legends say if it bites you, you take 5 steps and fall dead as Bill did in the movie. The Chinese technique mentioned is based upon touching acupuncture points to disrupt the flow of Qi and cause death in a few seconds or up to two years later. For instance a touch by a master of Dim Hsueh to the inside of the knee will cause kidney problems, a touch to the hand where the bones of thumb and index finger join cause problems with the viscera, etc. Scientists have not found any validity in acupuncture, so it and Dim Hsueh are only legends without basis in facts, and this movie technique just combines two different legends of Africa and China.
  • I always wondered about that. Apparently from the responses it is possible. Next what about the taking out the eyeball. It looked too easy....Ewwww and queasy.
  • have no idea

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