• Either really cute strappy high heels or black shiny boots.
  • Flats that are either accented with glitter or a metallic color
  • peep toes. they are totally hot!
  • Brightly coloured high heeled stilletoes
  • if u are short (no affense its fashion keep listening) peep toes will make u look shorter with jeans pumps will make u look taller because of the long tip to the shoe but if ur not short peep toes will look awsome too, and flats come in a bunch of different colors and beads they look great to it all matters for what look ur going for but u should go for the peep toes if u dont have a heights problem or the pumps
  • i think that boots are really cute with jeans, when they are worn over them. they should extend almost fully to the knee. try a suede or leather material with a round toe and wedged heel. they are all the rage right now!
  • If you're reasonably slim skinny jeans look great with knee high boots worn over the top (Looks really good with a tassled scarf tied around your hips). Stilleto ankle boots with bootleg jeans look good on anyone- try wearing a slightly oversized anklet over the top of one boot for an even more dressy touch.
  • Jodper boots & a riding crop. (second item optional).
  • i think that you shuold wear skinny leg jeans with boots or in at the moment ankle noots, as they will give your leg a longer line!
  • i would just put on whatever shoes you want

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