• No, but the people who buy them probably do.
  • No, not at all. I buy what I thinks looks nice, not who's name is on the label.
  • No. You can find the same quality at walmart. People spend the high dollars just to wear the label and advertise they have money to burn.
  • Sometimes - as a larger lady I find that sometimes I need to pay a liitle more for a good cut; I need to wear business suits for work and the high street stores just don't seem to cater for them. But my sloppy joes are no where near designer - it's all about balance ;0)
  • In some cases, yes. You can tell when clothing is quality. HOwever, that being said, it is true, as you have noticed, that many clothes, be they "designer" or not, are made in the same countries, often in the same factories (using underpaid and badly treated labourers). What you should look for is quality, not label. And also weigh up this: how long will you wear this item? If it is only for a season because it will be then "out of date", why pay the extra money?

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