• where, when, who?
  • generside is a grave thing. I have always hated generside. generside is horrible. We should all fight against generside.
  • It's about time someone outside my head acknowledged this. I am born and raised here yet feel that our American government is arrogant and judgemental and that we the public are are delibrately snowballed. It's pretty crappy.
  • I agreed but not in the wars, instead right at home. In my home state, Texas, alone there is about 215 unborn human (babies) and about 3,700 killed everyday by abortion. If abortion is not genocide, what is? Want more facts: Our new president Obama jut signed the executive oder allowing them to do just that
  • Genocide?I don't know about that one.What about Pol Pot?among others...
  • It just makes me shake my head at such historical ignorance.
  • In Europe is is considered a war crime that between 5,000 - 50,000 German prisoners of war died in the American prison camps called the Rhine camps at Remagen 1945.They were not fed properly and kept in the open without any shelter.There is too much documentation to deny this ever happened.
  • what's "generside"?
  • You can't even spell genocide! Much less get your facts straight or cite of source!
  • Which one? America has been involved in and even supported many genocides in its short history.
  • not that good knowing people do that

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