• I would avoid it. Too many rules and people prying into your affairs.
  • Yes, I would. They are geared for more mature people who have raised their kids and maybe like the idea of not having the daily hustle and bustle of living near neighbors with families to raise. Also, most communities like those are all inclusive. No mowing the lawn, or worrying about plumbing or electric problems. They probably have a pool and other amenities.. I'd go, if it's in a warm place:)
  • I'm several years from making the age limit, but I am not a big fan of the busy-bodies that tend to marshal the neighborhood like they are the SS or KGB. So no I would not live in such a community.
  • Shoot, I'd live there now at the age of 26 if I could. I'd love it. Don't ask me why, I'm just weird.
  • If the rent is right who cares how old my neighbors are.
  • hell yeah. the prospect of old people shenanigans seems cool to me. it's another chance to rebel like i did in high school... "take your prunes and shove 'em where the sun don't shine!!"
  • I definitely would. It would be nice not to live near people with obnoxious kids and teenagers that scream and make noise all day and night long.
  • If age was the only requirement, then probably yes. However, my in-laws lived in an "adult only" community that had so many rules that it was impossible for them to even have the family over for a visit. Since our family is very big on visiting, they had to move. There was a rule against having the garage door open, so we got in trouble for playing ping-pong at a birthday party. The neighbors reported us for laughing too loud in the back yard when we had a big Passover meal in the back yard. We had no loud music, or anything. The last straw was when they found out that the "children's hour" at the pool was being cut back to mornings only at one pool, and none at the other. The kids weren't even allowed into the craft room to see the stuff Grandpa made.

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