• But thats not always true... :) maybe it also depends on periods in life? i think when they grow older and i have seen MANY cases like this... they actually go for more serious and quiet girls. some boys never change... but BELIEVE me.. you will NOT want them aswell ;) it's very important to be happy with who you are, and be confident. it helps a lot when people get first impression on you. well, I tried ;)
  • Because we've been programmed our entire lives to go for the gorgeous, high maintenance girls with bad attitudes. Eventually, some of us become deprogrammed and we begin to appreciate and go for the nice, funny, caring but average looking girls. If we've not too old.
  • Maybe it could seem like being opinionated, unaccepting of any crap or excuses from a guy, insist on being treated well and being confident in who you are and what you want/don't want. Maybe that could seem like being high maintainance amd having a bad attitude? Just some thoughts... :)
  • young guys are jerks and old guys who think they are still young aree well. theres somehting wrong there. just dont worry too much. coz a guy who sees how great you are will notice and treat you the way you deserve to be treated.
  • Honey i think you've asked a good question. And i bet your not average lookin, you just think you are, for now. That will change. And Sab is right as young men they are programed for the high maintenance girls. Unfortunately a lot of the time they need to be royally hurt a few times before they see the girls like us. You know the ones. And don't say never, there is always 1 heck there is more than 1. You just need to wait a little bit. Ask yourself this; Why are they high maintenance & have bad attitudes? It's mostly because of the extreme attention they get from guys.
  • Its because they are average looking. Guys (in general) are very shallow. Looks go hard 4 us. Im sorry to say but i am not really attracted to average looking girls. I cant help what i like.
  • I think you've been hanging out with the wrong guys. I'm not gorgeous, high maintenance, nor do I have a bad attitude...and I have not ever had a problem attracting really nice guys. I say change your environment. You aren't looking for gorgeous guys who are full of themselves and are "bad boys" are you? Happy Thursday! :)
  • i have a simmlair problem with females maybe we should talk to each other?
  • Girls like you WOULD be my preference. But more often than not, Im not yours.
  • You mean you like girls that are like you. Why not.
  • thats because your not a lesbian so you wont go for high maintenance girls will you .You may like a rich man better.
  • You know mizuiislife, any guy that doesn't appreciate you as a person probably doesn't deserve your attention anyway. I've only known you a short while on here, but your funny, smart, and your a good person. Meh, don't worry about it. Just have fun in life. It's too short to worry about this sort of thing.
  • I've never gone for that type of girl. High maintenance is a major turn-off for me, and bad attitudes... well that goes without saying. I also don't believe that appearances can be categorized as average or otherwise when there's no established scale for or range of beauty. It is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. mizuiislife, I'd bet that there is a multitude of guys out there who think you're gorgeous, inside and out.
  • I think that in the world of dating guys think more of what other guys are gonna think about their girls. I think that they are just trying to outdo the next guy.
  • I'm not sure what you're asking. You are into women but you don't go for the gorgeous....etc? Well, I think you're exaggerating a little. The ones who go for the gorgeous, etc., don't usually stay with them long because they realize they aren't worth the trouble. Guys with depth and experience go for the nice, funny, caring but average girls.
  • Sadly its hard not to find girls that aren't high maintenance. I am usually not attracted to the really pretty girls (well I am, but not enough to go after), because I know I'm not in their "class" and I'm greatful for it. Naw, give me a beautiful girl with glasses, color in their hair, with paint and holey jeans.
  • I was fine with average looking...but only 4 girls aside from my wife were EVER interested in me in ANY WAY. one was obsessed with cows and incidentaly looked likeone. one weighed lieraly twice what I did. one was a california airhead who did not realise that she did not follow the beliefs she professed in any way. and one was so nieve she thought I stole her virtue because I kissed her cheek... oh and that last one was easier to manipulate than putty. oops, I forgot the fifth one who lived across the pacific ocean and neither of us had the money to travel to meet in person
  • in a way its like guys tend to go for something they may not be able to get, kinda like "the forbidden fruit" in a way
  • I think that you're putting too much into social stereotypes and characitures that the media tries to feed us. The fact is, I don't think a hell of a lot of people fit exactly into these corners, beautiful and high maintenance, average and nice, etc. There are plenty of examples. I think most people are a lot more complex than that if you don't judge them and try to get to know them. You should try to look at the world and yourself with a more open lens, don't just think in these stereotypes and charicatures, I think it will help both your outlook on life and people and your self esteem.
  • i see a girls face before i see her personality. If i find someone attractive, in any sense of the word, then i'll try to get to know them but ultimately, if there attitude is sour then i wont a relationship with them
  • I didn't. Though there are some who go for the glammar of the "high maintenance" girls. Just like there are some who like blondes, raven hair, red heads, skinney, zaftig, and heavy women. To each his own and if you aren't finding the right men for you, change what you are doing and where you're doing it!
  • thats not true. it just seems like that because you're feeling bummed out and need to be picked up and have your spirits raised. Dont worry you'll find a guy who likes you for you soon enough
  • Whenever I have looked at this issue I have found that the majority of the guys who go for girls like that are still young enough that they feel they have something to prove to themselves and to their friends. As they get older, however, they mellow. They learn that just because someone is beautiful doesn't mean that they are going to take care of them, or even love them, when they get old. It is very difficult to have a companion like that. There is always a pricey trade-off.
  • Many of the "gorgeous" high maintenance girls are actually just average girls with bad attitudes and money. I have found that fancy cosmetics and hairstyles can fool the men [I've known] into thinking that they are "gorgeous" women, but at the end of the day, they are just as average, (if not worse) than anyone else. +5 for the question
  • That's not always the case. Gorgeous, high-maintenance girls with bad attitudes remind me of a poster I saw that was of a beautiful blonde in a skimpy outfit...the caption splashed on the poster read "Yeah, she's a hottie, but somewhere someone is tired of her s**t." I remember that poster everytime I meet one of those types. Its steered me towards real women with real hearts and real intelligence who just happen to be really beautiful.
  • Difference between average and "gorgeous"? Foundation, lip colour, eye liner, dermabrasion, collagen, tanning salon, botox, eye shadow... ah heck, if you need all that just to walk out of the house, forget about it. If I met you and the "gorgeous, high maintenance" girl side by side, you'd most likely be the one I'd be talking to.
  • I personally think you're looking at the wrong guys. sure, some guys are like that, but some girls go for those qualities in guys too (well, maybe not EXACT same qualities), but usually the ones that actually care about you and will take care of you will be the ones that differ from the guys you mentioned.

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