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  • If your piss is clear it simply means you're properly hydrated. You still have that crap in your system. You won't pass the test.
  • no it means you're hydrated. and the drug tests dont actually test for THC or it would be out of your system in a few hours they test for the byproduct of it which stays in your system longer
  • weed stays in your system for 30 days or longer depending on your body mass.
  • I honestly think that the smaller you are. the faster weed gets out of your system . the more you piss the more its out of your system, like think about it 1 hit 1 day 2 hits 2 days 3 hits 3 days. if you dont feel burnt its obvisouly out of your system, if not low levels. the faster your metabolism is the faster it burns out of your body. just drink alot of water cause we all are 70% water and excerise is sweating . drink green tea to sweat . drink hot water too sweat. common sense. and im sooo blazed typing this and on vertor shot and trashed and i dont throw up hahaha
  • no it means you drank too much water
  • no smoking weed has no effect on the color of your urine
  • Unfortunately, it just means Results:Dilluted/Unable to Test. Until, Results:Positive. Also depends on that "tiny window" between the [Dilute and Positve] transition ... that will actually Test:Negative ... that was submitted as: SAMPLE. Probably (1) urine disharge. Its Hoped that at 'crunch-time', that single discharge, will be the (1) you give.
  • No, it just means that you are hydrated.
  • I have heard that if you drink a capful of bleach in will clean out your system.
  • No, it means your pee is going to be untestable. Congrats, you just gave yourself away.
  • When they do a drug test, they are looking for the amount of THC molecules in your urine. by diluting your urine with plenty of water, you will reduce the concentration of THC.That doesnt mean its not there, its just been diluted beyond detection.dont over do it. you can drink too much water and get hyperhydration. you should drink about 8 large glasses of water a day and urinate at least as many times. on the day of the test, make sure to drink a few glasses and urinate a couple times before going in and also avoid the first few drops. the first part of your piss will be the most concentrated. so pee a little in the toilet first and then start to pee in the cup. trust me, i have passed many drug tests like that and so have other people I know. just keep in mind that sometimes labs will reject urine that is clear. good luck
  • never ever drink bleach, it is a corrosive substance and will eat away at your insides. if you do this you could die unless your taken to a hospital
  • Umm yeah I second the bleach for clean urine I would recomend a pro-tox like drinks or pill. If your in a pinch go to wal-mart and get the cheapest diuretic you can find...

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