• Yes we do! Okay is an update.
  • I guess personal taste and individual man in question has much to do with this but I reckon the answer is usually yes. In my opinion most men reach the pinnacle of their good looks somewhere between 35 and 50. Most men in their twenties just look like boys to me. Then you have people like Sean Connery, who in my opinion looked better in his sixties than during the Bond era. Here is Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran aged 46 looking relaxed and quite sexy on his yacht. And here he is looking like a tit sometime in the eighties.
  • I think the answer is yes. I was salt and pepper haired in my mid 20s and fully grey by 35. Speaking for myself, I think it is easier for women and girls to approach older greyhaired men for some reason. Father image, more laid back, for whatever reason. We aren't as focused on the primary objectives like younger guys are which is getting laid and maybe therefore more conversant, experienced, attentive to women's feelings. Being fit and active (and happily married) at 52, it seems that I have had more subtle passes at me in the last 10 years than in the 20s (darn it).
  • Harrison Ford has aged well most of his life. And then what about the late Gene Kelly? He was quite a dashing fellow right to the end.
  • Sure they do. Look at Rod Stewart. He was not the best looking until he got some age on him. Orangy is also right about Harrison Ford. And what about Sean Connery? I mean, as Bond he was debonair-now he's just sexy.
  • Yes in most cases I think they do, there is something about an older, good looking suave man with a twinkle in his eye!
  • Well it depends on the individual I'd say, but often men do look sexier as they get older, Some don't grow into their faces until 30+, like Pierce Brosnan, he was a bit young looking in the 80s but in the 90s, rawr!! On the other hand people who are full of energy and have a boyish charm when they are young may not suit getting older in the face, like if they lose their hair for example. Again, i think it depends.
  • Yes, men are like liquor, the longer they age they better it is. (exceptions apply to 60+ yr olds) But I noticed my boyfriend is getting extremely handsome as he his aging and getting more distinguished facial features. He's got a couple crow's feet wrinkles on the corner of his eyes, but for some odd reason, I like him better with them. It makes his smile look even more gorgeous because it looks like his eyes are smiling too. Women unfortunately have the opposite effect. it's unfair but it's a waste of time to worry about it.
  • Yes so i am told good example ..look to the right ... your right see the aviator ( me) well he s about 48 +/- well when he was younger he was: short, fat, ugly, scraggly, and gross .... Now look at him !! well... maybe they don't improve!! ..LOL
  • No! Don't believe me? Go to Yuma, Arizona in the months of November, December, January and February and look around. Most of the ladies look like old dogs too!
  • Oh my God yes. At the moment I lust after Pierce Borsnan, Philip Schofield, Matthew Wright, Nick Moran, Brad Pitt and George Clooney - and they're all 40+ I'm 30 and the more distinguished man is really doing it for me these days. The men I hang around with are all 40+ and they're a damn sight funnier and sexier than those in their 20's. (My husband is 28 so he is the exception, although we've been together since he was 21 and he's more gorgeous now than he was then!)
  • George Clooney
  • My wife agrees with it . Example, She says I am.
  • It's perspective. Society likes men with a rugged look and women with a young girlish look. It depends on the guy. I know men who I thought were handsome when they were younger and now not because of weight gain etc or just getting all beef jerky like. I personally like younger men. Older men are gross to me. But there are some that just rot so well like cheese. Like the late Chris Farley, Will Farell and Chris Kattan....SWOON. lol.
  • George Clooney Val Kilmer Kevin Spacey
  • No. I have gotten steadily uglier with age. A blessing in disguise since I don't like social relationships. +1
  • Iggy Pop couldn't live long enough to improve enough for reproduction involving a six pack queen.
  • On which planet?
  • probably

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