• Earlier today when my son was over, and said something sarcastic. I do not know where he gets that from. *Rolls Eyes*
  • Earlier today when a question was asked that was later taken off as "offensive." I didn't object to the question but two new ABers were typing in all caps and were very verbally offensive and used offensive language. I was nice, just asking them to not type in all caps. Also, told them they would enjoy AB.
  • This morning in a tiny 7-11 parking lot. All the rude drivers reared their ugly heads at approximately 8:34am. I had to take a deep breath and talk myself out of being angry. I hadn't even been awake for an hour! :)
  • ...truly...that very young hunk of man...that wanted to devour me inch by inch...but, I just can't do that without my heart involved, and I am still falling "out of love" with my past partner...and, ohhhh what a shame...what woman wouldn't want someone drooling over their thighs???
  • I always exercise self-restraint whenever I'm on AB. I've never been sent to the Penalty Box again since March because of that :)
  • with a guy who tried to harass me on the bus a few days ago...
  • Haha...everyday I clock in for work....
  • When I received emails, recently, from someone who was not.
  • I really don't do that too much...I guess the last time I wanted to say something unkind to someone and I didn't! Couldda been as far away as yesterday! :)
  • This morning i had to drive past the stud where my new filly is and if i'd stopped in to see her *one more time* .. i'd still be there now instead of being here getting every thing ready for her arrival :)
  • This morning when my brother woke me up after only 3 hrs sleep.
  • An hour ago when my ex-girlfriend called and asked if I wanted her to treat ne to breakfast tomorrow. I just said 'no thanks'.
  • A couple of hours ago..almost..ALMOST went totally ballistic on a friend of a woman who has kinda forgot she left her baby with me..friend swears she doesnt know where momma is..I was real close to just dragging her @ss out of her home and forcing her to play bloodhound..I resisted that urge. :)
  • today when i talked to a coworker and did NOT tell him what i truly feel
  • Walking through the fresh bakery section in the grocery store! I managed to escape, but just barely. I'm trying to eat healthier, focusing on fresh veggies and fruits, cutting down on sugar and processed foods.
  • I'm such a loose cannon that I can't remember the last time I did. ;) Actually, I guess the last time I even had an occasion to exercise it was about weeks ago when I was cut off by another car. My outo'control impulse was to honk ass on the dude and that's what I did. After that we just went our separate ways.
  • Last weekend. I was on a trip with a bunch of my friends from college. Three of them were smoking pot a few times over the weekend, and I resisted the urge to join them. (I'm looking for a new job.)
  • all the time... i was going to post the new song i made today but i think that since i am broke... its time to start selling it instead of giving it away... any thoughts on which is better???
  • constantly, too f**8 otfen in reality.....
  • At my divorce hearing a couple of years ago.
  • When my ex kidnapped the boys, I didn't kill him, now that's restraint.
  • 20 minutes ago .. like i'm getting good at this whole self restraint thing :)
  • Two hours ago, I drove past a couple of fast food places and realized I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I resisted to urge to grab something quick, and made a salad with some fresh vegetable when I got home:)

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