• Not the regular briefs so much as the boxer briefs. It seems to be that a lot of magazines lately are stating that they are the thing to wear.
  • Nope, the age of the Boxer-brief is among us.
  • And magazine opinions are required.
  • Um...I think they are to be perfectly honest. We're really seeing a merge of tighter clothes all together. Tightie Whities are no exception. Yeah, boxer briefs are in, but they kind of walk hand and hand with boxers all ready. Briefs are making their comeback. Good thing I always wore them. (I have the wedgie rips to prove it!)
  • Briefs are coming back, I'm a buyer for a notable department store chain. We noticed more briefs sold at the beginning of the 2007 school year, so this year we stocked up 200% more than usual. In most of our stores it wasn't enough. It does seem to be a regional thing though. In more affluent areas lots of briefs being purchased, in the lower middle class areas boxers 5-1. Down the center middle class stores boxerbriefs and briefs. Not so much tidy whities as fashion underwear even bikinis. We always use back to school as metric for coming trends. Our research shows tighter pants=briefs, boxerbriefs bunch up under tight pants and boxers? Well who wants to wear the underwear your father wears.
  • In the '70's, my sons called them "weezer squeezers."
  • I can never understand why people choose to wear something - esp. underwear - whether it's in style or not; you should wear what YOU like and when YOU want!!
  • I don't care what they wear if anything! It's the reveal that matters.

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