• They are loud and inconsiderate. They also hate the stray cats that I feed.
  • OLD lol.
  • Elderly, pleasant a little nosy if given the chance. He would be helpful if i asked .
  • unoticable
  • Fun and loud on the left, and old and wrinkly on the right.
  • he's a miserable fucker.
  • My next door neighbors are loud. I can hear just about every aspect of thier life. I can tell you how many times they argue, what they argue about and how often they do the nasty (which is about once a month) wonder they are arguing. They have this kid that loves to throw a ball against the wall and move around furniture. I have spoken with them many times about this. They are good for about three days and then it goes back to the same ole same ole. It's a scene I tell ya. Thats another interesting annoying neighbors know they are annoying?
  • The most warm and wonderful person on the face of this earth. She would do anything in her power to help you if you needed it. My only neighbor is my mom of course. ;-)
  • We live in a golf course community in FL so most of my neighbors are snooty rich ppl but I like the fact that OUR house is the biggest on the block & I don't work. All these retired Drs. are wondering how we pay the bills. They are all pretty nice, but I know for a fact that the neighbors on either side of me are afraid of snakes. Grown men running like girls. It's pretty funny. Plus we are usually partying up late on the weekends & have 4 kids so our house is pretty obnoxious. I know they will be glad when we move but until then...suck it up!
  • We dont talk much
  • barbecuing a lot...
  • very amusing. my friend always likes to mess with him and leave love notes and cookies in his mailbox. :)
  • He's nice. He's from San Francisco, so he leaves every summer. He says New Jersey is too hot and humid for him.
  • We don't have any. We unfortunately were rented to under false pretenses. Our apartments were being bought by an oil company while we were signing a year lease and they are being torn down.
  • I have one who does everything she can to cause trouble for anyone she can find by telling lies and making up things and I have one that thinks she's my mother. She tells or ORDERS me what to eat, what to wear, what to watch on TV.. she tells me I don't know how to play with or take care of my dog properly.. She's a bossy know it all.
  • My next door neighbor is a Famous Movie Actress. She is now performing on Broadway. She has appeared in many movies, Brokeback Mountain was the last movie she appeared in. Roberta is a very nice person, she will come over and have coffee with us, and can tell us a few good stories. She is very down to earth, and you would not know she was so famous unless you knew her. Roberta bought the house next to ours, about seven years ago. For more about her, Please click this link..Good Luck→
  • Pain in the *** old lady, rides around in a golf cart all day long, sticking her nose in everyone's business.
  • I've got an MD across the street, a dentist to the right and a police chief to the left. I couldn't be happier!
  • I haven't seen anyone in this building in a few weeks.
  • Nosy jerkbags. The less I deal with them the better.
  • There is only one word for that is : CRAZY!!!

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