• of course, why not?
  • well i know this person who says that he can't step foot into other churches...that's what his mom told him. would it be just because his mom didn't want him to or cuz of the religion?
  • Of course they can!!
  • I am a catholic and of course we can, as long as we arent practisicing anything else. Catholics are not as strict as you think.
  • I've been in many different churches. I am a Catholic and am welcomed in any church.
  • Yes. What is forbidden is the participation by Catholics in non-Catholic worship. I do not participate in non-Catholic worship services as an act of obedience to my ecclesiastic superiors, particularly to my Bishop.
  • No. They burst into flames if that happens. They won't tell you this, but they're lying to you.
  • Of course. Catholics are encouraged to visit other churches especially for weddings and funerals of loved ones. With love in Christ.
  • Yes, it is encouraged to make peace with people of other faiths.
  • Well I just back from a vacation in Europe where I went into 30 to 40 churches some of which I have no idea of what faith they praticed - I have yet to be sticken down, so for I would say yes. +5
  • This is Catholic, not Bible Belt philosophy. They don't follow the Bible word for word sentence for sentence and not have a clue what it means still.
  • I want to Catholic school and they encourage it, as a matter of fact in my diosese the third Sunday in July (Unity for all Chrisins week) it was suggested we go then
  • Yep, as well as non-Christian places of worship like Hindu temples, Synagogues, Mosques etc.
  • I'm Atheist and have stepped foot in countless churches. I like the architecture, so it was a small hobby for me to visit the countless different churches back in Osborne Village, in Winnipeg. (15 churches in all, not including synagogues and eastern faiths.) I never got kicked out, unless it was near after hours. The people there are usually pretty nice and even give you a tour, and they're more curious about my choice of not believing rather than to chastise me away because of it. So I suspect Catholics can go where they damn well want. If you live in Saudi Arabia that might be a different story though...
  • I was raised Methodist, but often went to the Protestant churches of my friends and cousins. Everyone was (is) welcome and could participate in sacraments like communion with no questions asked.
  • hell, they now can bring their entire body into other faith's churches. They have evolved.
  • Yes, I asked my priest for permission to play for a Methodist church service and he told me I could. However, I didn't participate in the bread and wine ritual because I don't agree with their teaching about it.
  • Nope. Gotta crawl! ;-)
  • Not on my manor.
  • I walked into a Buddhist Temple, and bursted into flame on the spot...its my burnt ashes your actually abing w. ;) jk Yes, you can visit and be respectful to other churches, if your Catholic. You can be respectful to other churches, even if one is NOT Catholic. :) As a Catholic, I burned some incense at a Buddhist Temple and survived. What do ya think of that for a t shirt? POINTS to ya!
  • Only if they want to burn in hell for enternal dalmation.

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