• The founders of Christianity were not aware of alien life forms, so they did not work that into their philosophy of Creation. If you add the element of other life besides earth, then the idea of Creation would be entirely different.
  • If they discover alien life, the bible will be all but disposed, because the bible says that earth is the only place with life. If that were false, ALL of the bible would then be false as well, Cause the bible is an all or nothing thing, either it's all true, or none of it's true.
  • They have their own version of a creator of everything, and he looks like them! There's only one GOD but we really need two or three!
  • How do you know God didn't create the aliens in His image? Maybe the aliens look like us. Maybe they ARE just like us.
  • Most of what God created isn't in his image--think of all the plant life and non-human animal life--so why would aliens be in his image?
  • He did. His image is scattered throughout the cosmos...
  • I tend to think it was man who created God in his image and that the likelyhood of intelligent life beyond our own planet is infinitely more likely to exist than any one of the 4 million gods that have been made up here on earth. But putting all that aside and assuming some god created himself, then us in his image...dogs and horses and butterflies are living species right here among us that are obviously not in God's image so I don't see why alien species would have to be.
  • God is an Alien, well the way he is describe he is simply not of this earth, how do you know god created everything, is god a being or is god a system, maybe god is stardust, it says that everything on earth and our solarsystem was created from stardust, so it could be God=Stardust In the Beginning Stardust created the Heaven and Earth
  • Who said He didn't make them in His Image? Remember, God is Spirit. Our SPIRIT is made in His Image. In other words, we have intelligence, emotion, and creativity. I'd be VERY surprised if aliens didn't have the same divine qualities.
  • You should go back into your Bible and read the book of Job. It's one of my favorites, and the upshot of the story is this: Who are we to try to limit God or fit him into our idea of who He is and what He is allowed to do? When the Bible says that God created mankind in his own image, who decides how many images God can have? The Pope? Jerry Falwell? God is limitless, ya dope! I had a Catholic priest many years ago who told me that the book of Genesis is a poem, no need to take it literally word for word. Now, some people might argue, "NO! It's the Word of God and has to be taken literally!" So, what are you saying, that God can't write poetry if he bloody well feels like it? He's GOD! Being a Christian doesn't mean you have to close your mind. Open your mind, open your heart. God gave us an entire UNIVERSE of possibilities!
  • Man created god in his doubt if the alien has a god too, then its probably in his image too.
  • Image doesn't necessarily mean "looks the same".
  • cause he decided not to
  • You're confused "in his image" does not mean "likeness," rather it means "according to plan" in the old Hebrew texts. Also, who's to say the "aliens" don't look like us? The bible speaks of "pre adamites" and it may well be they developed way before us and left to explore the galaxy.
  • Stick to what you've been told!
  • Who has proof the Lord God didn't create all humans alike throughout the universe? Only the movies do otherwise. Also the movies make them all violent to sell their movie.
  • Book of Genesis. "So God created mankind in his image..." The operative word there being "mankind." Otherwise dolphins would end up all looking like Dolph Lundgren.

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