• Well, sort of, but a hearty insane cackle might have been called for.
  • Nope-I am surprised you didn't !
  • It would not only have been wrong, but illegal. I would have said something to the person.
  • You beat that bitch black and blue and then tell her she smells bad! Honestly though, laugh it off! People are very morally fickle and rarely realize when they are wrong!
  • I think the world has enough problems, just take it and go =) Tough sometimes, but it really helps out.
  • I would say she deserved it,or at the very least a wedgie.
  • That truly is amazing that some people can be that blind to there own actions. My solution is wait till she is done and then ask the attendant while the girl is still in the store if there is anything you can do about the girl that just cut in front of you.
  • I believe it should be legal for everyone to smack whoever they want upside the head once a day. And, I bet that day that lady would have gotten tagged. Actually, she might not have even done it in the first place and leave herself vulnerable like that.
  • that would have been a perfect time to need to scratch your head and accidentally hit her with your elbow..oops did that happen..or suddenly need to make a "fake" phone call and just happen to mention about this moron in front of you .
  • Yea, probably. Something about assalt charges. Laughing uproariously would have made her just as mad but there would be nothing she could do about it.
  • I woulda showed her where the end of the line is!!!
  • I have to keep reminding myself not to...
  • boy do I know that seems like the ones most concerned with things like people cutting in front of them are the biggest violators of it! She was so concerned with her own little dilemma she is oblivious to anyone it was such a big deal she got cut in front of at the how much time was that gonna really take out of her life?! But as good as it would have felt to whack her in the head it's probably better you didn't then she would have had to make a big deal about that too. Some people have nothing better to do in life than to make a big deal out of the smallest things...
  • Yes, you would have been wrong doing the right thing. :)
  • Yes, very wrong ... it is called assault ... ... but yelling, "So, what, monkey see, monkey do !?! ... Ya stupid bitch! ... Why don't ya grow a brain, then learn to use it, instead of copying some dummy that you saw do something wrong !?!" ... would have been only slightly offensive verbally, while still RIGHTLY getting the same "smack" message across ...
  • matter how much ya may want..ya can't be smacking people upside..or in the back of their head..LOL :)
  • Wrong? no. Illegal? absolutely! As "grandma trouble" used to say "Twenty to life is a high price to pay for a few minutes of pleasure". Stress is the condition that occurs when your mind overrides your body's desire to beat the crap out of somebody that desperately needs it. Maybe you could have claimed "temporary insanity due to stress" in court.
  • Her actions were most likely fueled by anger and she wasn't thinking straight and time was also of the essence. She didn't want the person to get away so she had to make her point, I doubt she did this to offend you.

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